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Scouting around Vengurla beach on Cycle

Vengurla is a silent town hosting Vengurla beach on the coast of Konkan in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. I was on 3 days slowed trip to Vengurla.

Today was the second day of my tour. Read the first post – (This is why I returned to Vengurla beach third time and alone)

Yesterday, all I did was sit in the veranda of the Waman Mess lodge amidst heavy rains and watched the ocean waves rise and fall. The sound of waves was playing in a continuous loop day and night and it has become a part of my ear reception.

Clubbed feeling of all these was nothing less than meditation, a perfect stress buster and soul-satisfying. This feeling was magnified, maybe as I love watching ocean waves rise and fall and hit the shore with typical washing sound.

Morning on the Vengurla beach

When you know that life is not unlimited, giving up to your laziness is certainly not a good decision 😛

I woke up at 5 am got myself up on the foot by 6 am and left for the Vengurla Bandar.

Morning scene on the beach was eye-catching. Rains had slowed down a bit but it was still drizzling.

I was walking down the Bandar road with my crooked umbrella in one hand and camera bag across the shoulder.

The place had a smell of freshness and nothing like that of rotten marine fishes. Few locals were busy in catching morning preys. I stood there watching them and the waves and at the same time filling my tiny lungs with as much fresh air as I could. Placed my camera and took a couple of pictures.

Renting Cycle in Vengurla

Returned to my room and left for Vengurla market in search of renting a cycle. I knew one name Bhogte cycle store in the market.

Went to the store down the lane from the main market road. Unfortunately, he didn’t had any cycle to rent that day.

I had purposefully avoided renting a motorcycle as that would increase the speed of my mobility which I didn’t want. This time I wanted to roam around on a cycle and watch the surrounding a bit slower than on a motorcycle.

Tipped by the mechanic at Bhogte cycle store, I started walking hurriedly towards hospital naka looking for Gogse cycle store as to not miss the chance of having Cycle today.

Shri. Gogse, the store owner was right there in the shop. Negotiated for an old roadster.

Chose the best one out of the not so maintained list. I was fine with it as long as pedal and brakes were working.

Rent was like 100 Rs for two days. That too he said give me the second day, I said no deposit, he said no. That’s cool. It’s hard to find this kind of trust nowadays.

Now I had more speed than walking on foot. Rode through the market road up and down like I never rode a cycle before. Such acts immediately catch the attention of locals. But who cares, I was enjoying it.

After morning snacks at Aroma restaurant, I took the right turn from the market near Vaishnavi travels and went up the ghat road which goes towards Devbag.

sagardarshan vengurla, Vengurla cyle trip

Sagardarshan is a scenic viewpoint from where you get a bird eye view of the Vengurla Fort and Vengurla Beach. Lined coconut trees and crashing waves make the view just amazing!

Vengurla rocks, flats in Vengurla for sale


Poor old cycle was cranking out of breath going uphill and so was me.

That old fellow bit me every time I put my bum on the seat. The pain was nothing less than torture 🙁

I passed a couple of ghats by walking with the cycle uphill and flying downhill.

After leaving Vengurla town the denseness of the ghat kept on increasing until I crossed the wayangani village and reached on a tabletop.

konkan solo trip

Very common roadside fruit in the ghats there, I didn’t taste lacking knowledge of it.

Two ghats were literally nothing for me on my motorcycle but here, I seemed I had walked for miles without taking a rest.

Sagari Mahamarg was almost empty. Afternoon was moving fast, I wondered how difficult it would be to return when it gets dark on this road. I didn’t had any lights either.

I had no milestone nor any destination to reach I was just pedalling watching the scenes around


Konkan on Cycle, Konkan vacation

The ghats were full of mini waterfalls. Such a soothing scene these are..

Konkan darshan trip plan, cycle konkan coast

Crossing Wayangani village came on this sort of a tabletop. Wondering how does it feel cycling here? Air-mind-blowing 😀

River river… I dream of you 🙂

Crossed the tabletop and came down close to a small river. Crossed the river bridge and pedalled down the river to reach on its right bank.

It was a small river stream, water was crystal clear. I made up my mind to spend the rest of the time here and then make a return to my room before it gets dark.

I sat by the bank with my legs dipped in the cold rapid water of the river. My eyes were fixed on the tiny green planktons which were sticking to the river bed and were swaying with the flow of the river.

They were dancing with the flow of the water but not a single one gave up its root. All of my senses were attached to the scene.

Kal kal bud bud sound of silky river water calmed the already silent ears. Beautiful echo of Koyal sitting on the big banyan tree on the right-hand side next to a small temple was like a topping to the scene. Next to it was an old well which had water and snakes swimming in it ?

That moment was dear to me and I realised that I have burned litres of fuel rushing from place A to place B, from one tourist place to another tourist place, from one hidden offbeat path to another one and then post it online of stamping the place or claiming of finding a new place. All those feelings looked funny and diminutive in the aspect of this little river stream.

cycle konkan coast, Cycle tour Konkan

View of the upstream of the river from the road

Konkan trip

Grand Banyan tree and Tulsi ji’s plant

Old wells in Konkan

Plastic plastic plastic 🙁

Enjoy a short compilation of clips


The place was nothing special and certainly nothing for any tourist or traveller to catch their attention but it was effective to give the connect of nature which we all seek endlessly.

After spending (I won’t say time at least here as it would not do justice, it moved me so mo’ment) a beautiful moment, I started pedalling for my return journey. In all these emotional games I forgot that I had pedalled enough and my body needs water 😀

This is how you should pitch ;P

Stopped by a small hut store in front of the Ganpati mandir. Asked the kaaki if she can offer water to drink.

She was quite an intelligent and soft-spoken woman. Attired in saree she spoke with lots of punctuations and expressions.

To my request for water, she replied why don’t you come inside and have the water. While I was drinking water she asked would you like to have tea.

I could not say no as it was cold there. She prepared two cups, one for me and one for herself. While handing over the tea she asked if I would like to have some biscuits along with the tea.

She passed on the largest packet. I ate a couple of them and extended rest to her beautiful cat. When I was done with the tea she asked wouldn’t you want to offer flowers and agarbatti in the Ganpati mandir pulling out agarbatti packet and flowers. I said I would have loved to if I had a bath atleast. We had a long conversation, actually, she was speaking, I was on the receiving end 😛

Konkan trip, cat green eyes

Her cat was really pretty and doing mischiefs all the time

Rode back on the coastal highway to Vengurla and returned to my room on the Vengurla Bandar.

I was tired like anything, ended my day with fruit dinner (read how to stay active and energetic during long trips) and watching the waves until I started falling on the wooden cot outside in the veranda.

Read the first post here – This is why I returned to Vengurla 3rd time and alone

And the last post of Vengurla here – Vengurla to Sagareshwar beach(untouched beauty) on cycle

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