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Mahabaleshwar – Kaas Valley of flowers via inner road

Without a doubt, Mahabaleshwar is one of the best hill stations to visit in Maharashtra. Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar bike ride was certainly one thing I was waiting for a long time.

But hitting Mahabaleshwar and looking for must-see places is what I had already done as a  tourist. I had no intention to repeat it.

This time I wanted to be a little offbeat explorer, an adventure seeker with hormones bubbling to experience the less walked path.

I was accompanied by my friend Sudhanshu Karalkar. He was on his Royal Enfield Classic 500 and I was on my Pulsar 150 (I haven’t thought of any pet name for it 😛 ).

I am thankful to Sudhanshu in keeping pace with me throughout the journey.

This was the plan

So the bike route we planned was to take Mumbai-Bangalore highway and arrive Mahabaleshwar. Stay for a night somewhere near Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar and leave early.

Take the road which runs along the Koyna dam and backwater all the way. Ride up to Bamnoli and then Kaas plateau. Ride to Mahabaleshwar again and stay for a night there. Leave for Mumbai the next day.

One thing I would say is that the toota-foota road which runs along the Koyna is mind-blowing. Actually, not the road but the view of the Koyna valley is just amazing.

Highly recommended for bikers looking for some serious riding experience in Maharashtra.

Here is the route map we followed to ride along the Koyna backwater and then to Kaas plateau.

koyna parikrama map

Koyna parikrama map


Mumbai to Panchgani and night stay with an amazing window view

Monsoon was still hanging around. The weather was just pleasant. Mumbai to Pune was quick but the real fun was riding from Pune to Satara.

Speedy crosswinds on the empty roads shook our helmets vigorously. Amazing vista continued right up to Panchgani.

It started raining as we climbed up the mountain. Took shelter in a newly inaugurated hotel between Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar.

Bike trip to Mahabaleshwar during rains

That’s our bikes parked. It’s the Venna lake in the background. Mahabaleshwar is this foggy for a good amount of time throughout the day. If you want to see viewpoints monsoon is not the right time to go to Mahabaleshwar. Winter (September-February) is a good time to be in Mahabaleshwar.

Panchgani Mahabaleshwar morning hotel view

View from our hotel window in Panchgani. It was newly opened, I don’t remember its name but it midway Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar.

Panchgani to Kaas and back to Mahabaleshwar

That offbeat rural ghat road is just amazing:

If yesterday was long-distance endurance test then today was going to be a curvy ghat and kutcha road test.

Roads throughout were narrow single lane and in a bad shape. Rarely any 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler crossed us.

It was all us our exhaust sound and view of deep valleys holding blue coloured mercury-like water.

We took the ghat ride at a very controlled speed and spending enough time wherever and whenever required.

Koyna river dam backwater

Beautiful Koyna backwater surround by rolling hills of western ghats

Koyna view point

Another view of Koyna backwater from Koyna viewpoint

Koyna backwater bike trip

Our bikes and a river stream on the inner road along the Koyna backwater

Koyna parikrama, Mahabaleshwar places to visit

Fascinated by the beauty of it we stopped by this small gushing stream and spend some time here.

Scenic bridges in Maharashra, Rural Maharashtra

A wide and b/w view of the same stream

Mahabaleshwar bike trip

They said I am lucky, I said they are lucky to be here ?

Kaas plateau had white followers all around

The mini-ecosystem of the plateau also called a mini valley of flowers has become a popular tourist attraction and attracts tourists from far and wide.

Monsoon was still around when we reached there. The best time to visit Kaas Plateau is post monsoon i.e. September and October. Usually during these months flowers of Kaas plateau is in full bloom.

Kaas plateau on bike

That’s the road leading to Kaas valley of flowers

Entry of Kaas plateau

The entry of Kaas plateau

Valley flowers Maharashtra

Kaas plateau, also popular as Valley of flowers in Maharashtra. In the view, you can see white and pink flowers everywhere.

Flowers of Kaas plateau

Some Purple flowers

Flowers in Kaas plateau

There’s soft and beautiful pinkishy petals ?

Royal Enfield kaas plateau trip

Our bikes witnessing the beauty of the valley

Mumbai to kaas bike trip

Some relaxing moments next to the Kaas plateau of flowers 😉

Bike trip fun moments

Tilt your head a bit. Upside down of an upside-down ?

Laal dabba (State Transport bus) near Kaas

Laal dabba (State Transport bus) near Kaas

View of a valley from Kaas plateau

View of a valley from Kaas plateau

Bajaj Pulsar bike trip photos

My ride for the trip – Bajaj Pulsar 150

View of the Satara city

View of the Satara city

From Kaas pathaar, we took the Medha – Mahabaleshwar road. By the time we reached back to Mahabaleshwar, it was already dark.

Got into a budget hotel near Venna lake. It rained all day and the place had dampness all around.

Our body was tired of the day-long ghat ride but mind and soul extremely fresh with the flashback of scenes running now and then inside us.

Tomorrow was the day of returning back to our nests in Mumbai. It was very quick with a couple of stops in Panchgani and then outer Pune.

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