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Scouting around Sagareshwar beach on Cycle

Vengurla a little known place in the Sindhudurg district borders Goa on the northern end and Sagareshwar Beach is less than 5 km from here. I was on a slowed-down trip to this place along with my rented cycle.

It was my third day in this beautiful place. I didn’t had any sort of network connectivity in the past two days. The trip was becoming more wonderful than my expectations.

I had to book and catch a bus in the evening as it was my last day in Vengurla.

So without giving up to internal passiveness, I took out my camera and rented cycle and started riding towards Sagareshwar beach.

Sagareshwar beach – blue waters and empty beach

Morning was chilly and riding with the wind was making it colder. Sagareshwar beach is not more than 4 km from Vengurla and I reached there in no time on mine cycle.

Beach and the approach road were undergoing a transformation. A completely wooden structure MTDC resort was being developed aside the Ganpati mandir.

Dev sagareshwar mandir, Sagareshwar temple

Shri Dev Sagareshwar mandir on the Sagagreshwar beach

Sagareshwar beach, Cycle trip Konkan

Road to Sagareshwar beach

I had a brief chat with the project supervisor. He was confident of Sagareshwar becoming the next tourist attraction for serious travellers in the coming years.

The approach area of Sagareshwar beach is densely lined up with coniferous trees which makes it look nice even before entering the beach.

I pedalled my cycle through the narrow road towards the beach. It’s a white sand blue water beach and fairly stretched in a curve.

Apart from me and two fishermen, the beach was completely empty. Vengurla fort is clearly visible on the right side of the beach.

Sagareshwar beach

No less than a beauty. Notice under construction wooden hut, Maharashtra tourism is ramping up tourist structures in and around Sagareshwar beach

Sagareshwar beach vengurla

Another view of Sagareshwar beach

Spent some time strolling and photographing on the beach. As the sun started getting high on the sky left from there and went to Vengurla market and had lunch in the Aroma restaurant (my place to have food from past 3 days 🙂

Sagareshwar beach vengurla, silent beach konkan

Me, my cycle and waves ❤️

Sagareshwar beach, cycle konkan coast

A b/w view of the beach

Enjoy a short compilation of clips from the Sagareshwar beach


Booked bus tickets to Mumbai in a 2×3 bus seater in the evening and returned to my room. Chavan Ji took me on his scooter to Narmada Cashew house a little away from the Vengurla market. Picked up enough for my joint family.

Went to the Vengurla Bandar the last time before leaving and sat there some time watching the waves. Later on, returned the cycle from where I had rented it i.e. Gogse cycle repair in the market and boarded the bus to Mumbai.

In coming years, I wish to do more of such slowed down journeys on exploring the area on a bicycle instead of motorcycles. It certainly offers a more candid picture of the area around and gives a better sense of belonging.

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