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A weekend bike ride to Vasai Fort

Situated in the coastal part of Vasai town, the huge walls of Vasai Fort, also known as Bassein Fort certainly shows the test of time it has stood. The Fort overlooks the Vasai creek and once housed several watchtowers.

The place still begets a unique appeal despite only the ruins of huge entrance and arches left. The fort is protected under the ASI.

Locals use the inner room probably the biggest one as cricket playground. Other locations in and around the fort are very creatively used by wedding photographers.

Riding to the fort

It was the 21st February 2016 when my friend Rajkumar and I decided to spice up a lazy Sunday afternoon. The fort is not more than 30km from my house. Hence, it was possible to have a short bike trip of 2,3 hours. Left Bhayandar around 2:30 PM and rode straight to Tungareshwar temple. Tungareshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located on a hill in the depths of the Vasai. Spent an hour in the temple and left for the Vasai Fort.

When coming from Tungareshwar we have to take the right turn towards Sativali from NH8 and ride straight for around 6-7 km until we cross Vasai railway station via a flyover.  From Vasai station to fort the distance is around 8 KM.

Once we enter the interiors of Vasai, locality aesthetics changes drastically. Bassein or Vasai as called by British holds remnants of old architectural houses. Bungalow styled houses with dark paints decorate both the sides of the roads.

Coconut and palm trees dots the fort surrounding. It gives us a feel of good old roads of Goa.

Vasai Fort

Village folks up on the date trees to bring taadi at the entrance of the fort

Vasai Fort

Remains of the Fort

bassein fort, vasai fort ruins

One of the rooms inside the Fort, probably a Cathedral

Vasai Fort images

Arches on the walls

Vasai fort old church ruin

Wonderful view of a wonderful evening

Weather in the evening and morning is particularly the best to experience. Lots of pre-wedding photographers remain busy around the fort ruins. Some Bollywood movies have also featured this fort.

How to reach Vasai Fort

If you wish to visit the Fort on a motorbike and coming from Mumbai. Ride on NH8 and take the left turn towards Sativali, Vasai. Ride straight to Kabootarkhana and then Chimaji Appa ground. Take the left from the ground and there comes Vasai Fort.

How to reach Vasai Fort from Mumbai

Road map to Vasai Fort from Mumbai

If you wish to travel by train. Get down at Vasai station and take an autorickshaw from Vasai West. Ask them to take to Vasai Fort.

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  1. Thank You Hema/Suma 🙂
    I am in Mumbai since last 25 years but went here last week 😉
    The place is good just make sure you go there on a weekend.

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