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Weekend Bike trip to Dahanu and Bordi beach: Day 1/2

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Dahanu and Bordi beach are popular weekend getaways for Mumbai folks. The place remains less crowded compared to other tourist spots like Lonavala, Alibaug and Matheran. And therefore, it becomes an ideal place for people seeking a peaceful, quiet and beautiful place

Mumbai to Dahanu Beach:

It was around 12 PM on Saturday that Vishwanath and I decided to leave for Bordi beach. Packed bare minimum and left Mumbai at around 3 PM.
The distance between Mumbai to Bordi beach is no more than 160KM. That means around 2.5 hours of a bike ride.

NH 8 was excellent throughout. Took left from National Highway towards Dahanu. The road from Highway to Dahanu beach is just awesome. The unexpected cold wind on this road made us feel the winter. Wide road with invisible traffic and big trees on both sides of the road made the ride pleasant and engaging.


Evening light falling on a truck near NH-8


An evening at Dahanu beach:

Reached Dahanu beach around 6 PM in the evening. Sun was half into the ocean gleaming dark red over the horizon. The beach was almost empty except a group doing a pre-wedding shoot of a couple. Dahanu beach is long and wide. The floor is shallow for a long distance. The beach is wreathed with a necklace of coconut trees.

If you ever plan for vacationing here, opt for Dahanu. As this place has much better and cheaper accommodation and very close to the beach. Silence is guaranteed 🙂

fishing-village-dahanu-fort, coastal-village, Dahanu

Fishing village near Dahanu

Dahanu beach, weekend-getaway-mumbai, sunset photos, Bordi beach

A fisherman on Dahanu beach


Dahanu beach to Bordi beach via Coastal Road:

Enjoyed an hour on the beach and left for Bordi beach. It was already dark. A coastal road of around 16 KM connects the Dahanu and Bordi village. Entered a village en route to pick some cash as we were not sure if Bordi will have ATM. For information, Bordi village has Bank of Baroda ATM, but better carry cash to avoid unnecessary pain. Ride ahead through the coastal road in the dark was thrilling. It took 45 minutes for us to reach Bordi.

We had no idea of our today’s accommodation. Tried in some resorts and hotels but due to the long weekend, all were occupied.

Our luck came in a family house turned lodge  in the narrow by lane (on the Bordi Aswali road) just opposite to the Grampanchayat Sports ground. Rode ahead towards a two- storeyed village house. One the ground floor leaves the family and two rooms on the first floor were for rent.

The room was much bigger than what we were looking for. It was actually a 1 BHK plus balcony. Neat and clean and everything we needed in Rs.1000. Kept our luggage and left for dinner.

green-backyard, bordi-beach-rooms, bordi-photos

Backyard of wadi as visible from our room balcony

Owner’s son was leaving for a kabaddi game in the Gram panchayat sports ground when he said he can show us a nice Vegetarian bhojanalay close to Bordi beach. I took my bike and rode through the narrow village roads to Dinesh Bhojanalay. It was a small but good Gujarati bhojanalay. Thali was like home cooked dinner and priced decently.

bordi-beach-veg-food, restaurant-bordi-beach

The evening Thali

Table tennis game with unknown friends:

Came to the main road and strolled for half an hour before leaving for the Gram panchayat Sports ground. Kabbadi game was on. Later we went to the table tennis room and played TT for an hour with local champs. I was surprised to see such a beautiful and equipped sports ground in a village.


Grampanchayat sports ground and Table Tennis room in Bordi village

We were a stranger to them and they were to us. But we played like we play daily. This makes me feel like, we stay in hotels with hundreds of facilities but rarely we make friends. Hotels are such a formal place, I love my decision to stay cheap. It feels so nice to mingle with local folks.

Came back to our room and took off for the day.

Let me know what you feel about this post, I will love to hear it.



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  1. Vishwanath says

    Very nice travelog and lovely clicks. Bordi is a good destination for a short break from hectic busy life, for friends as well as family.

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