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Bike trip to Invincible Maratha fort : Kille Raigad : 2

Waking up in Sahyadri has always been memorable for me. Fresh smell of air the and chirping birds set a positive environment. It was 7 AM now.

Day 1 – Mumbai to Raigad Fort on bike

As planned yesterday, if we find a small waiting queue, we will tour the Fort again via Ropeway. Took our bikes and rode to the base village Hirkanewadi. Got to know that it will take one and half hour waiting. Said No to the Fort plan and instead of going up, went down the village.

Little did we know that a different world was waiting down the village. Greenery everywhere and crystal clear water flowing down the terraced farm plots. Sometimes beautiful places are hidden a few steps away. I don’t mind going few steps ahead 🙂 That is the reason I love to explore the untouristy places.

I believe, it is the odd places where we seek solitude.


Hes surely got an attitude 🙂


A fresh morning in Sahyadri

rice farming in raigad

Rice fields behind the Hirkanewadi village

creeper plant

As beautiful as creeper

butterfly on leaf raigad

Butterfly and the leaf

raigad-in-monsoon, raigad fort, beautiful hidden villages

Hirkanewadi village at the base of Raigad fort

baby snail on leaves, mother nature cares

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Returned from the village and began morning routines. Packed the stuff and we were ready to leave for Mumbai.

Before leaving had a breakfast of Kande Pohe and Coffee in Raigad palace.

For returning, we decided to take a different route. While coming from Mumbai to Raigad, we rode on Bombay-Goa highway. This time, we took an interior road which passes through several villages and meets Bombay-Goa highway near Mangaon.

Passed Jijamata Samadhi some 2-3 kilometres from the Raigad fort.

More than 2/3 of the road till Mangaon was stones and pebbles. Beware if you are taking this route in the night. In case you face puncture, you are very unlikely to get help.

Some photos from the route.

offbeat destinations for motorcycle tours

A green farm in the background enroute Mangaon

Beautiful western ghat, offroad bikes rides

Beautiful Raigad


Raigad landscape

raigad mangaon landscape

Western ghats

bike trips to offbeat destinations maharashtra

I chose the less beaten path 🙂

You might be interested: An offroad motorcycle rider should know the recommended tyre pressures of his bike. Read the comprehensive guide of tyre pressures.

Nature’s beauty was flowing on this less travelled and less explored Sahyadri road. We passed tens of waterfalls, green plains, mountains, and fast running streams.

Villages appearing on distances were beautiful indeed. Bricked roof[ houses and stretched electric wires marked the villages. We also saw farmers ploughing their small flat land on the plateau with their bulls. Ladies carrying steel vessels to fetch water from the stream made sure to give a look at the strangers.

The atmosphere was cool, breezy and cloudy throughout the journey. Enveloped by mountains from all the sides presented amazing vista.

25 Km ended soon and we touched Mangaon on the Bombay-Goa highway. Just as it happens every time, return journey becomes involuntary. Everything happens on its own. I stay engaged by streams of thoughts pouring in my mind.

Took the Khopoli Pali road and later Western Expressway highway for onward returning.

Reached home at 3 PM.

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