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An unusual route – Mumbai

The invention of wheels was an amazing gift to wanderers (रखडनेवाले ). That’s the word I give to people who wander around aimlessly. They are highly driven by an inner feeling of being temporary gipsies.

It doesn’t matter if they are going around the same road 100 times or being on an entirely isolated path they just keep going driven by their inner feeling.  I feel it’s not entirely bad to be in such a state sometimes as it helps to ease out the tensions between the neurons. But being in such a state for a long time is beneficial to nobody.

This post is about that state of mine one such day.

When we look at the map of Mumbai, we can notice several creeks dividing the Island city. Creeks are a narrow gap between the mainland and sea where seawater may enter the river or other water streams.

The flow of traffic in Mumbai is north→south in the morning and south→north in the evening. And there are two major road routes of traffic flow in western Mumbai (Western Mumbai is closest to creeks and beaches) Western Express Highway and SV road till Bandra Worli sea face and marine drive post Dadar.

It was some strike on that day and roads were blocked here and there. I managed to reach Andheri riding through inner roads avoiding the protesters. I don’t know why I like going out on such days 😛

Since everything was shut we were asked to return back. I had no intention to going back the same route and chalked out a plan to take multiple ferries on my way home.

This is the route I took

Versova Madh Island Manori jetty

My route in light yellow on the left-hand side close to the sea.

↳ Andheri link road to Versova jetty

↳ ⛴ Ferry 1 – Versova Jetty to Madh Island

↳ ? Ride – Cross Madh Island and ride to Marve Jetty

↳ ⛴ Ferry 2 – Marve Jetty to Gorai Jetty

↳ ? Ride – Gorai Jetty to Gorai beach

↳ ? Ride – Gorai beach to Bhayandar via Uttan

Versova jetty ferry

On a small ferry, Versova jetty. My bike is right there and behind that is the Versova jetty. The boat is bounded to Madh Island.

Madh Island jetty

View of Madh Island jetty

Madh Island beach Mumbai

A scene of Madh Island, Malad.

Bajaj Dominar bike trip

Tempting roads 😛

Ferries are amply available during 8-6 pm across the Versova, Madh Island, Manori and Gorai jetty. Operators charge around Rs. 25-30 for person and motorcycle. They may take Rs. 10-15 extra as labour charge for loading the bike.

Loading a bike is nevertheless an easy task particularly if its bulky bikes like Royal Enfield. Still, these guys are very quick and load the bike quite safely.

Crossing the creek is very pleasing on eyes and the surrounding beauty gets multiplied during sunset.

Comment in the box below if you have taken any of these ferries and how was your experience with it 🙂

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Hello, I am Niraj. I define myself as an amateur photographer, biker and seeker. I like to connect with like-minded friends and share experiences and stories from the place, people and time. I believe life is an endless journey and our actions no matter how small affects this infinite universe in some way or another. So let's not stop and keep our work going.

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