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Hanging out with Triumph motorcyles

One fine morning I along with other True Wanderer finalists were invited to have an experience of Triumph motorcycles. Certainly a generous gesture by Shaman Motors, Andheri 🙂

Below were the classics we took along with us from their showroom in Hubtown, Andheri to Vashi Palm beach. 

Triumph Motorcycles showroom Mumbai

From Triumph Motorcycles showroom in Andheri, Mumbai

While going I rode the powerful Triumph Storm and came back riding agile Tiger XRX and XCX.

Disclaimer: Reviews are based on opinion and personal choices. Buyers are encouraged to read ownership reviews and take long test rides (at least 100 km).

Triumph Bonneville

This is the Triumph’s starting model. I liked the vintage look of the motorcycle. Glossy and curved design of its fuel tank catches the eyes. Sitting posture was relaxed yet dominating. It is certainly made to go miles.

Triumph Motorcycles showroom Mumbai

Classic Bonneville

Triumph Tiger 800 XRX and XCX

Triumph Tiger 800 is a dream bike of many riders around the globe, how can I not love it. It has got almost all the features that a rough and tough long-distance tourer looks for. High windscreens, clear console, comfortable riding position and large tank capacity makes the bike very usable. Acceleration of the Tiger is very smooth and quick.

Triumph Tiger XCX Mumbai

Peoples favourite Triumph Tiger XCX

Triumph Tiger XRx in Mumbai

Triumph Tiger 800 XRx

Triumph Tiger XCx India

Posing with Triumph Tiger XCx

Triumph Daytona

It is hot head and with unmatched acceleration. Though 600cc but truly a beast. Of course, it’s very technical and a track bike not for the daily commute or long-distance travelling.

Matt black Triumph Daytona

Matt black Triumph Daytona

White Triumph Daytona, Daytona motorcycle Mumbai

True wanderer finalist Sachin trying out Daytona

Triumph Triple Street

The butterfly. Its twin headlights are an eye-catcher and the gears oh my god they are buttery smooth. It seemed like the gear shifters are touch-sensitive, just a slight touch of feet and we move to next gear. I took the triple street to 165 kmph and it was fantastic. It’s a perfect naked street racer. Very agile very handy in manoeuvring.

Triumph triple street

Triumph triple street

Triumph triple street

The butterfly – Triumph triple street

Triumph Storm

Triumph showroom in Hub town had two cruisers Rocket and Thunderstorm. I didn’t get the chance to ride the Rocket but I rode the Thunderstorm throughout. It feels like an ultimate cruiser with superb comfort and great power. I was caught twice with the power transferred on rear wheels on this 1700cc bike, a slight release of clutch revved the rear tyre like anything.

Triumph storm motorcycle

Triumph Storm

Triumph storm motorcycle

Posing with the Storm


Comment in the box below which is your favourite Triumph motorcycle and why?



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