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Weekend Bike trip to Dahanu & Bordi beach: Day 2

The night was unexpectedly cold. Yesterday’s ride from Mumbai to Bordi was not much tiring. Woke up at 5:30 AM and left for Bordi beach to watch the Sunrise.

Bordi beach was almost deserted except for some fishermen and joggers. You can take your motorcycle or 4 wheeler on the beach. It’s wide enough to practice drifting 🙂 The morning was spectacular.

Bordi Beach

Spent an hour practising photography. I was silly enough to forget my camera battery in the room though managed with Vishwanath’s camera battery.

Spotted a Neem tree on the shore. Used twigs for cleaning the dental. It felt so nice to sit under the open sky in front of the blue ocean on the white sand and moving the twigs swiftly round and round in the mouth.

My heart whispered this is the moment you keep looking for. And it happens, we go a long distance in search of something. And ultimately spot the happiness in some tiny moment.

I feel this is what the moment of life is. The mind should rest and the heart should find solace no matter how small the thing is.

Bordi beach photo

Misty morning – Bordi beach

Bordi beach photo

Abandoned boat

Mumbai to Dahanu Bordi beach bike trip

Bike stuck in wet soil

Bordi-beach-Neem-tree, Neem tree

Daatun ka prabandh

Mumbai to Dahanu Bordi beach bike trip


Khariya Talav

Left the Bordi beach and rode to the other side of the Bordi village. Spotted a nice Lake next to the road.

Khariya talav was surrounded by lots of Coconut and other trees from all the sides. Also, pink bloomed lotus flowers were all over the lake.

It seemed so fresh and delightful to watch hundreds of blooming Lotuses floating on the lake. It was such a beautiful sight.

Khariya talav in Dahanu bordi

Lotus flowers in Khariya talav

Beautiful mini forest on the Bordi Dahanu Coastal road

We returned with satisfied soul, packed our stuff and left for Mumbai via Dahanu beach. On the coastal road en route Dahanu beach, we spotted a mini forest alongside a lonely beach.

We had missed yesterday it in the darkness. Forest was awesomely lit, how could we hold our cameras in our bags. Here are some photos…

Dahanu, places to visit near dahanu bordi

Flame of the forest

Niraj Yadav travel blog

Another poser


That’s Vishwanath Dalvi

Moved ahead to Chinchani beach. Chinchani beach was full of tourists and more happening than Bordi and Dahanu. From there left for Dahanu Fort.

Dahanu fort was a disappointment. It was converted into a police station. There was nothing like a Fort. Left the place and started our return journey.

chinchani beach

Chinchani beach

Final words

If you are looking for a calm and peaceful place to enjoy your weekend without much disturbance and close to Mumbai, Bordi/ Dahanu is the place.

You will certainly love the atmosphere. Also, do not forget to bring Chikoos from Chikoo festival. They are super cheap there.

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  1. Wow! such breathtaking pictures! It’s insane how beautiful and underrated our country it 🙂

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