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Why the Bajaj haathi mat palo ad is silly – Dominar Owner

Bajaj Motorcycles has always been HYPER with their advertisements right from the Definitely Male of Pulsar to Haathi mat paalo of Dominar.

Earlier the sarcasm wasn’t targeted at anybody but this time it is very evident that they are talking about Royal Enfield bikes.

Disclaimer: This post is a personal opinion of the author and he doesn’t care if it harms anybody 😛

In this post, I won’t keep on bashing anybody but rather try to reason out why the advertising strategy advisor fails to understand the deepness of motorcycle touring?

Before jumping into the discussion I would like to tell you as to why I am eligible to speak on this topic.

I have rode both Royal Enfield and Bajaj Dominar ABS version through the mountains and plains of India. I have taken them through jammed city roads and wide open highways.

I have racked up multiple 2000+ km rides in all the seasons and terrains of India. I have had the opportunity to ride from basic 125 cc motorcycle to a powerful 1700 cc cruiser.

And finally, I am not prejudiced towards any of the brand 🙂

Royal enfield photo himalaya

Bullet vs dominar

Experience is what matters

When we buy something, we pay for the experience that we would get from that piece. A buyer or specifically a Biker should run behind the experience. It is just very ordinary to get in the trap of advertisement and end up becoming a Sheep which is not expected at least from a serious biker.

Royal Enfield and Bajaj Dominar provides a completely different set of EXPERIENCE

Royal Enfield

Talking of Royal Enfield first, of whatever opportunity I have got to be on the saddle of Enfield bikes, I am just not able to wipe off the thump. Its embossed deep within. I just miss the hard hammer thump of Enfield 🙂

The riding experience which an Enfield rider feels via the vibration of handle grips is pretty unique on its own.

And once we get the taste of it we just want to keep it going. Be it cruising on empty highways or overtaking a traffic at mid-range speeds (40-80 kmph) these bikes are just pure Painkillers.

Haven’t you heard..

Nothing is more pleasing than riding a bicycle downhill and Royal Enfield uphill !

Bajaj Dominar

Coming to Bajaj Dominar, when I first sat on the Dominar saddle and raced it, I was like I can ride it day and night. The bike is made to accelerate linearly. The throttle response in the case of Dominar leisurely but commanding.

On Bajaj Dominar, I could no longer feel the dug dug dug dug. It has changed to zrrrrrrrrr. Whatever it is, it’s lovely and pumps adrenaline.

Throttling in Dominar is a kind of experience. It’s very different than what the Enfield bikes do.

RE bikes have long pistons and that of the Dominar is shorter. Due to smaller pistons in Dominar, it completes the stroking cycle much faster than Royal Enfield.

Both the bikes are heavy but once in motion, they are easy to manoeuvre.

If Dominar gives confidence than Royal Enfield gets us in trance (not for impatient hearts 🙂 )

Why did I choose Dominar then?

I went for Dominar primarily due to the absence of these features in Enfield bikes

1. Dual channel ABS

2. Tubeless tires

3. Faster engine. I can effortlessly take my loaded Dominar along with pillion, on and above 120 kmph. Quite helpful for sledging distances on Highways during long rides.

Coming back to the title of this post, as a sincere customer all I would say to the Bajaj guys, is to, focus more on constructive advertising and keep Dominating.

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