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User review: Quechua T2 and T3 camping tent in India

quechua camping tent t2 t2 user review India

Quechua is well-known in India when it comes to hiking and camping. I travel solo on motorcycles and with friends on treks.

To experience camping we purchased two tents Quechua T2 and Quechua T3 from Decathlon, Thane. You can buy Quechua tents in India from here.

I would suggest you visit their store rather than purchasing online. When I bought the tents, it was Rs.1000 cheaper in the store.

We got T2 in Rs. 2000 and T3 tent in Rs. 3000 in 2015. These are not 2 seconds popup tent, they are different.

The excitement to set the tent and get inside it was making us restless. Soon the monsoon arrived in India and with this our trekking season started.

I live in Maharashtra. A significant part of Maharashtra is covered with Sahyadri mountain range. That is the reason we have too many hills and forts to trek. Check out some of the spots here.

Review of Quechua tent T2

Review of quechua t2 tent

Pitching the Quechua T2 tent near Bamnoli village in Satara, Maharashtra

Tent is much lighter than Quechua T3. It weighs around 2.5 Kilogram. One can carry comfortably on his back and trek. Quechua T2 tent can accommodate 2 persons with luxury. We use to place the backpacks behind our head and use it as a pillow. And if the backpacks were heavy and bulky, place it near the foot.


Setting up the Quechua T2 tent roughly takes 10 minutes. It has a hook in the centre of the top from inside. Torch or some lighting item can be hooked on it.

Quechua T2 has ventilation on one side of the tent. You can keep it closed or open as per your choice.

The inner dome is made of breathable polyester. If placed in the direction of the wind, ventilation is good.

It’s suitable for winters too

The quality of zippers is good. And when the chains are fastened, the tent provides enough insulation.

I remember, when I stepped out of the tent at midnight near the Tungarli dam, I started shivering instantly. Rushed inside the tent, closed the zip and everything seemed normal.

quechua camping tent t2 t2 user review India

Our T2 and T3 Quechua tents pitched near Tungarli Dam in Lonavala


It is recommended to cover the tent with rain cover provided along with. I have camped in heavy rains on the slopes.

The whole night was raining like hell. But a not a drop seeped inside the tent.

The floor is waterproof too. And I recommend carrying a sleeping bag for some sort of bed material to have insulation from the ground.


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Review of Quechua tent T3

T2 is for 2 people and Quechua T3 is recommended for 3 people. That’s recommended. We have managed to get 5 people to sleep inside.

Don’t ask in what condition. That was a difficult night 🙂

quechua camping tent t2 t2 user review India

Buy Quechua T3 Tent from Amazon – Amazon link

People smelled feets the whole night and roughly there was space to change side.

When we are with friends, such situations are funny and we tend to enjoy it. So, capacity wise 3-4 people can sleep inside the Quechua T3 along with their luggage.

Quechua T3 tent has an extra rod to make a frame outside the tent entrance. But we never used it.

The weight of Quechua T3 is around 4-5 kilograms. So take it with you when you are more than 2 people willing to share the load of the tent during uphill.

Other than this, it shares all the features of Quechua T2 tent.


I love Quechua T2 tent, particularly when I am on a solo bike tour. It’s not that I use it everywhere but try to experience at least a day on my complete tour.

T2 is handy and easy to set up. Quechua T3 is comfortable for 3 people and a bit heavy. Four wheeler folks go for Quechua T3 tent event for 2 people. You will love it.

And yes to make the sleep comfortable I have Quechua sleeping bag too.

I have the cheapest one, costs around Rs.600. But that does the job. It has a big chain, which can be opened completely and use it as a bedsheet. Otherwise, get inside the bag and zip it up.

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