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The perfect vacation I always dreamed of

Perfect Vacation. Really, can we have an obstacle-free vacation? Doesn’t problems make the Vacation spicy? After all, what fun would it be to have such a plain and boring vacation without messing up something? Everybody has their own definition of perfectness. Me too 🙂

I cannot live without Vacation. That’s true! I need breaks. My brain needs fresh oxygen, eyes need space to gaze and ears need soothing sounds of nature. And vacation is the valve which eases the pressure.  This is as necessary as eating food and workout.

How wonderful it is to imagine yourself in the narrow alleys of a historic city or in the wilderness of the mountains. I like being lost in the imagination sitting on my desk. It gives me the much-needed break and strength to continue my work 🙂

My vacation starts much before I start to travel.

Planning the itinerary

My leaves are precious and I don’t want to mess up things. I just sit down and plan sincerely. I am talking here about a bird who gets 10 days of relief. Planning the vacation is as important as being on the tour. I browse several travel forums, for expert opinions and call the people of the destination if necessary. All these makes the picture clear to me.

I have a habit of stressing my schedule during my trips. I would plan too many things to cover. I travel on motorcycles and ride without stopping for a day.  A tight schedule can become a nightmare if one of the stages breakBut, I would not like to repeat this on my perfect vacation.

My schedule will be relaxed. Slow paced! Enough time for me to stand and stare.

Next comes booking tickets and accommodations. Whether Airlines or train tickets, I consider booking early as safe and cheaper.

Here is my location for the perfect vacation



Betaab valley. A beautiful valley close to Pahalgam in Jammu Kashmir. The valley is surrounded by snow clad mountains and enveloped with lush green meadows. The perfectly clear water of the river flowing from the snow clad mountains is just refreshing. If you happen to see the Sunny Deol-Amrita Singh starrer Betaab, I am sure you will just fall in love with the place. The valley is  an ideal campsite for travellers and backpackers.

I would like to ride my bike to a remote place in the valley, setup a ranch and feel the nature for at least a week. The mornings will be welcomed with hot chai. Followed by a short walk to the nearby hills. The afternoon, as usual, will be lazy and will be spent lying on the long wooden chair and keeping the flies away.

Cooking would be a challenge I believe. But, I get goosebumps imagining sitting next to the pile of firewood and eating the self-cooked khichdi.  No phone calls, no internet, no WhatsApp, just nature and me.

This is the kind of vacation I have always dreamed of, the perfect vacation. I know, someday it’s going to happen. I will camp under the million starred canvas of night and sing the merry song.


No matter how good the vacation it ends at our home. Too many memories too many luggage makes homecoming difficult. But the joy of having wonderful photographs captured is just immense. I love going through the photo captured during the travel again and again.

I would like my vacation to inspire others to take the same route!

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Hello, I am Niraj. I define myself as an amateur photographer, biker and seeker. I like to connect with like-minded friends and share experiences and stories from the place, people and time. I believe life is an endless journey and our actions no matter how small affects this infinite universe in some way or another. So let's not stop and keep our work going.


  1. Hi I just came across this site. Nice travelogues. Liked the Rajasthan part. Still yet to go though most of the site, thought ill comment right away as I tend to act bit lazy sometimes and just close the webpages after im done.
    Good to see that its not one of those mainstream travelogues found today.

    • Hey friend,
      Happy to have someone who love non-mainstream stuff 😛
      Thanks for you kind words!
      I wish you come here again 🙂

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