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Tansa lake: An offbeat place for solitude seekers

weekend getaways near mumbai
Hunting for another spot to ride on the weekend, I stumbled on Tansa lake or Tansa dam. It is more of an offbeat place. Hardly anybody visits here. There is not much to see there. But some photos on the internet were quite interesting. What’s then, pulled up my bike on Saturday 5:30 AM in the morning and vroomed to Tansa.

The total distance of the ride was about 200 Kilometres.
It can be very easily done in 1 day or can be stretched to two days if night camping is planned.

Mumbaikars, here is how you can reach Tansa lake

Route 1:
Via Vajreshwari Road
Get on to NH8. From NH8 take a right turn for Vajreshwari. Better ask anybody on
the highway after Vasai. When the Vajreshwari road ends take left turn from
Zidke towards Ambadi. This brings you on SH 35.

Now from here, there are two options. One, get onto Dinkarpada-Kondhale road and finally take the right turn from Kambare. Tansa is straight in front of your eyes after some kilometers 🙂

But I strongly suggest you not to take the Dinkarpada-Kondhale route. I almost flew between the yellow dust cloud for 3 KM before making a U-turn. So, instead of taking the right turn from Kambare go straight and take the turn from Shirish Pada. Ride straight to Tansa.

Route 2:
Via NH3. The simplest route. Ride up to Atgaon on NH3. Take the left turn from Highway cross the rail under –pass, take the right and ride straight to Tansa.

Let’s chase the river

From Bhayandar, we climbed the Vasai creek bridge and rode straight on NH8 till the Vajreshwari turn. Now from here, Tansa river flows almost parallel to the two-lane Vajreshwari Road.

In other words, we were chasing the source of the river. Tansa river originates from Tansa lake which is one of the biggest lakes from which Mumbai quenches its thirst. The ride was smooth amidst the cold morning breeze and negligible traffic.

Reached Tansa reservoir or filtration plant around 9 AM. Parked my bike outside the gate. Security seemed beefed up. Crossed the gate and asked one of the guards with gun machine ‘Can we have a look at the reservoir?’ He asked ‘Do you have government employee card or defense card?’ Nope, we said.

‘We are sorry! We cannot let you in’. We tried convincing him but he didn’t agree. While we were leaving he said ‘It could have been possible for him to let us go. But since the arrival of Modi government, everything has become strict and are monitored very closely. You, people, know how sensitive this place is. Whole Mumbai drinks from it.’

Although it was disappointing still, I was happy to see the change in administration. That guard suggested us a nice point close by.


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That place was beautiful. The serenity of the lake was thought stopping. I felt like writing poems. But my thought was already stopped 🙂

After 2 peaceful hours by the lakeside, we started our return journey.

tansa dam, pipeline

Pipeline along the Tansa dam

black and white leave abstract

Abstract – Leaves

cows grazing on hill, budgetyatri

Cows grazing on the catchment area of Tansa River

 weekend getaways near mumbai

Clear water of Tansa dam

Bike trip to Tansa Lake

Green shade

Bike trips near Mumbai

Abstract – Leaf

What to expect or what to do near Tansa lake

First, the place is not a tourist destination. Bumping there with an overfilled car looking for a picnic spot is not suggested unless their expectation is set right regarding the place.

Second, there isn’t any restaurant or hotel nearby not even the simple ones. So remember to take something with you. So why or whom should pay a visit?
Do you love tranquility?
Do you love sitting by the lakeside and getting lost in yourself?
Do you love watching small ripples of the lake shining under the sun and hitting gently the shore?
Are you a wanderer?
Do you want to escape the city walls and spend some quality time with yourself and nature?
If yes?

Then certainly you would love this place.

We didn’t camp but there is enough flat grass to camp on. You can take your tents, do a campfire, cook food and spend the night talking to your friends.

Do let me know about the travel log or any inquiry on or in the comment thread below.

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  1. Never heard of Tansa lake and now I know another awesome place with great details about planning a trip to the lake. Thanks !

  2. Natasha says

    Hi Niraj,

    Looking at the pics I plan to visit this place over the weekend! Any clue how the roads condition is?

    • Hi Natasha,

      Take the Mumbai Nashik highway as it is in excellent condition. Not sure about the Kalyan route as it’s been a long time I went through that route.

  3. Rohit says

    Anybody is coming from Mumbai. They can come from Mumbai-Nashik highway and take left from bhiwandi bypass or sangrilla water park.This is very short route to reach tansa dam/lake.The route is called BMC road.Road is in good condition and both side have pipeline and final destination is tansa. So no any left or right turn on that road you can reach easily by this road.

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