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Solo or Group Travel which one is better?

I have been asked multiple times whether I love traveling alone or prefer traveling with a group. In my opinion, both are equally good and has its own advantages and disadvantages which is discussed below.

Solo travelers at some point or other must have faced these questions. Don’t you feel lonely when you travel solo? How can anyone enjoy traveling alone?  I would get bored, don’t you?

The reason people have such an impression about solo travel is because they never attempted hitting the roads and wild without a company.

Unless we get into something it may appear mysterious from a distance. But once we get a feel of it, we want more and more. Similar is the case with traveling alone.

Here is my take on traveling solo versus traveling with a group.

Disclaimer: Opinion differs and I respect others.

Traveling in Groups


Traveling in group is fun

Traveling in group is anytime fun, there is no doubt about that. I mean, who wants to miss the antics and pranks of our best mates. I have always enjoyed the trips and treks I have been with my buddies.

Traveling with friends and family not only increases the bonding but also brings a sense of responsibility and unmatched companionship.

The most welcoming part of traveling with groups is the creation of stories by being a witness of same events.

This goes a long way and when we all sit together and recall the stories, the laughter and smile on our faces is what sums up everything.

When it comes to cost it reduces by half when we have a partner. However, this largely depends on how adjusting and frugal you are.

When I am tight on budget I ask my friends to join me as pillion. This brings the fuel, hotel stays expense to half.

Also from the safety perspective, we feel more secure in groups especially during camping or wandering in remote areas.

Traveling Solo comes with time

Solo travel vs group travel

Traveling solo has a meaning

Featured image source: Lifehack

It’s a fact that the interaction with locals and the serenity around becomes limited when we travel with friends.

Even if everybody shares the same interest, still, we cannot keep away from the group all the time. We all are expected to follow a shared schedule.

While traveling alone, we are no more restricted or limited to 4-5 people. And we are not alone either. The limit is now limitless.

All the time and all the decision is ours.  We can now stand and stare a place as long as we want.

We need not wait for a smoker friend to finish his puff, similarly not make others wait when we want to need some more time to admire the beauty of the place.

Our focus now shifts from friends to the location and people. We now experience the place, feel the atmosphere.

Our eyes start noticing something which we might have missed with groups. And this is what keeps us engaged.

The gentle movement of the river, the ripples on the lake surface, the slow moving crowd, the fresh air, the old woman with wrinkled face sitting outside his house, ultimately this is what we were looking for isn’t it?

In the closing lines, I would say, there is nothing wrong with traveling in groups and absolutely nothing wrong with traveling alone. It all depends on the purpose we are out for 🙂

Whats your take on the topic, write it down in the comments below.

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