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A motorcycle tool kit to save you from breakdown horror

motorcycle spares and toolkit essential for bike ride

So you have been continuously hitting numerous sites in search of a perfect list of motorcycle tool kit for your long trips. But like me, you too returned confused and disappointed. Wouldn’t it be a horrible scene that you are riding in a remote land and your motorcycle tyre gets a puncture or the bike refuses to start?

Riders have a wonderful habit of ignoring the toolkits unless they face a breakdown. We live under the conception that baby tools under the bike seat will do the job. Frankly speaking, at best they can be used for removing a spark plug and tightening up rearview mirror screws. Now, don’t come to me and fight for the value of baby tools. How dare you to speak about the baby tools, don’t speak if you know nothing 😀

Long distance motorcycle touring is not a joke. Any moment can change into a life-threatening scene.

But carrying everything mentioned on different sites is plainly not feasible. We all want our luggage to be as light as possible. That is the reason, I thought of making a comprehensive list of essential motorcycle toolkit. I took help of forums and consulted mechanics for a complete and precise list.

Here is the list of recommended motorcycle toolkit essentials. Please suggest if something very important is missing from the list

1. Spark plug and Spark plug spanner 

You cannot afford to miss Spark Plug and Spark plug spanner. When riding in wet conditions like rains, snow, slush spark plugs are the most susceptible piece to get affected. Always take care that your spark plug cap is made of plastic and not from any metal material. A metal spark plug cap may experience short circuit when exposed to water/moisture.

A Spark plug spanner will help you in removing and tightening spark plugs and is must to carry with you. Get a spanner which fits your bike.

spark plug spanner

Spark plug spanner

2. Monkey Pliers

Get a long nose monkey plier and that should be enough for wiring repairs.


Left: Long nose Plier. Right: Sliding Plier

3. T Screwdriver

You should have at least one long and sturdy T screw driver. This will not only help you in tightening loosening screws hidden inside moulds but they comes handy in removing punctured tubes from the tyres.


T-Screw driver

Apart from a long one, it’s better to carry a small screwdriver which does not weigh enough and serves the purpose. I carry a multi-toolkit which has a star screwdriver. It also has a small saw blade, plier, wire cutter, hammer and in an emergency it can be used as a worst kind of clutch/accelerator lever.


Multipurpose toolkit

4. Spanners

Bikers toolkit is incomplete without a set of Spanners. There is a lot you can carry depending upon your bike. Below is a precise list of spanner set which can handle a wide range of bikes in India.



8-32 spanner set (If you are going to purchase ask for this)

i. 10-11

ii. 12-13

iii. 14-15

iv. 16-17

v. 18-19

vi. 22-27

vii. 30-32

5. Electrical tapes Motorcycle-repair-kit-accessories-electrical-tape

They are so important. Don’t leave them behind. Keep in mind to have a good quality tape, better if they are waterproof.

6. Spare tube and foot pump

I have seen lots of people suggesting to carry a puncture repair toolkit. There is nothing wrong in that. And it’s doable if you have tubeless tyres. But in other cases, repairing a puncture is difficult and requires lots of effort. Have you seen someone fixing a puncture or tried sometime, you will know the pain then 🙂

In my opinion, carrying a spare tube is the safest option. If not two having at least one can prove a lifesaver. In case of puncture use the new one. Keep the punctured tube and get it repaired later and the use this one as a spare.

Normal tyre pressure for motorcycle

Foot pump

7. Accelerator/Clutch cable and lever


Continuous wear and tear of the cable may break them. And if this happens your love for your bike will jump to new heights 😀

Keep a spare Clutch and Accelerator cable as a backup. And if possible keep at least one spare lever (Clutch and Accelerator levers). They are the first one to break in case of falls. And believe me, you would not like them to break them in half.

Some of the items from my packing list.

motorcycle tool kit, motorcycle spares and toolkit essential for bike ride

Motorcycle toolkits

If you liked the article or you have any suggestions, do share it in the comment or write to me at I ‘ll be more than happy to include it in this post.

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