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Tanot Mata Temple to Longewala border post – Rajasthan Bike Trip – 6

After taking blessings from Tanot Mata, we continued our motorcycle trip to Longewala border post. The distance between Tanot and Longewala is not more than 35 km.  

Longewala needs no introduction. It has been the battleground during 1971 India-Pakistan war. Bollywood movie Border is based on the 1971 war with Pakistan at Longewala. You can still find some captured-destroyed war materials at Longewala.


Tanot to Longewala road


Pakistani army vehicle captured during 1971 war


One of the captured T-45 Pakistani Tank


Tanot Mata Temple to Longewala

The ride was fantastic. It felt like we were the only soul in the endless arid desert. When we reached there, the soldiers asked us to park our bike outside a small room opposite to the war memorial. We also met a group of 4 bullet riders from Gujarat.

A military police from Siliguri asked where were we from? He was excited to listen that we were from Mumbai. For the next one and a half hour, we were talking about Mumbai. He shared how joyful were his youth days when he was positioned in Navy Nagar, Mumbai. It was really nice talking to him.


Longewala border post


BRO signboard


Indian Army Quote – Longewala


The surprise at Longewala

While talking to Mr. Siliguri as I use to call him, I heard an ear deafening blast. My hand was on motorcycle key and eyes on my bike ? I thought ‘lagta hai shuru ho gaya!’ Then Mr. Siliguri said ‘Relax! This is an army drill and you are lucky to be here!’
He was absolutely correct. It was one of the lifetime experiences to witness. A whole battlefield was designed. Infantry and artillery were part of the drill with 4 indigenously built Arjun tanks and ARV.

The drill was amazing and seemed like an action movie. We managed to get some nice photos but could not upload due to obvious reasons.


Life near India Pakistan border

Longewala-Indo-Pak-Border-Jaisalmer-Rajasthan-Army, Longewala

Indian Army at the border post, Jaisalmer


Indian Army drill at Longewala border post, Jaisalmer

Return journey to Jaisalmer

The sun was straight above our head. The place is rapidly becoming a tourist place. When we were about to leave, there must be around 40-50 people flocking around.

Started the return journey taking Ramgarh route which was around 45km. Half of the road in the route was under construction which slowed us considerably. Reached Ramgarh packed our stuff and started our return journey to Jaisalmer.

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