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North India Bike Trip – 5: Mathura Vrindavan

It was a beautiful morning. Air in Agra had a different smell. I decided to leave Agra as early as possible. If I could do so, I would have enough time to roam around Mathura, Vrindavan and reach Delhi before the Sun sets.

1 – Murphys law  2 – Shimla Narkanda  3 – Golden Temple  4 – Taj Mahal  5 – You are here..

Agra to Mathura

Took the national highway NH19 instead of Yamuna Expressway. National highway was really in a bad shape throughout the route. Moving consistently without break made me reach Mathura around 10 AM. 

Paid visit to the Baba Jai Gurudev Temple located right on the highway. Left the bike and luggage with the shoe keeper and went inside the temple.

The temple has glittering white marble all around and is sheer beauty. Prayed and meditated, took blessings and left for Vrindavan.

Jai gurudev temple

Entrance of Baba Jai Gurudev Temple

Jai gurudev mandir

Meditation Hall

Jai gurudev mandir, mathura temple

Side view of the temple

Bolo banke bihari laal ki .. Jai

The long narrow road which leads to Banke Bihariji temple is lined with a number of temples and ashrams. The road gets choked due to traffic.

Left the bike and luggage trusting a paanwala. Paid him Rs. 100 to trust me 🙂  

The place was still soaked in the mood of Holi, after all, just one day had passed.

Went inside the ISKCON temple or the firangiyo ka Mandir as the locals refer. Anyways, felt nice to be a part of the afternoon kirtan and pooja.

Vrindavan ISKCON temple

Devotees inside ISKCON temple, Vrindavan

Running out of time wrapped up from Vrindavan and took a shortcut for Yamuna Expressway through the Raya-Vrindavan Yamuna Expressway link road.

The road passed through Yamuna river. Between me and the Expressway, there was a loose sand patch. More than a foot deep of dry sand. It clogged the road with no space around it.

Even cars were struggling to get pass through. It was fun to throttle the Thunderbird hard and cut through the sand while people watching amazingly 🙂

Kakdi by the Expressway

The afternoon was getting hotter and hotter. Just before the Expressway took a kakdi break. We were having a healthy chat with the kakdi wale bhaiyya. A superbike passed the expressway sounding as crazy as it can. ‘Aitna tez chalaye bolo, rapat jaaye to bachna hai kya ***** ko.

I burst into laughter and lifted my hand for high five with him when I noticed long white worms walking on my hand.

Glanced at the kakdi, my God, I was eating these little creatures for last one minute. Tried to vomit but my system didn’t respond. Handed the remaining kida kakdi to the seller and left the place.

Reached Delhi around 7 PM and headed to Paharganj. I checked-in in a cheap and third class hotel costing Rs.500 for a day. Room was dirty and bathroom didn’t had windows 😀

Paharganj Delhi hotels

View of Paharganj during the night. Paharganj is the main area in Delhi where almost all the tourists flock in search of accommodation.

Who cares I just had to spend one night and catch the train tomorrow. Post fresh up session left for Chandni Chowk and later India Gate. With this my North India Bike Trip ended. The only thing planned for tomorrow was Botanical Garden and handing over the Thunderbird to Stoneheadbikes.

Thank You guys for being here. I feel encouraged to have someone like you. If you have any query or need information regarding the route please drop me a message at

1 – Murphys law  2 – Shimla Narkanda  3 – Golden Temple  4 – Taj Mahal  5 – You are here..

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