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My first book ‘Hamar Bachpan ke Magadh’

I am excited and humbled of my smaller than a tiny contribution for my mother tongue ‘Magahi’ (one of the other dialects of Bihar).

A little background about the book, same thing has been written in the ‘प्रेरना’ section of my book. eBook is free to download, stay glued.

This is not my first book rather I was and is in the process of writing my first semi-fiction book ‘The Mountain Boy’ (hopefully I finish it soon :P).

Back to the background, one day I felt to write something in my mother tongue. Next question was but what? I thought why not write my memoirs from my days in hometown (Gaya-Patna). Those who would like to cherish their memories of the 90s decade and belonging to that place would certainly find it appealing.

This book ‘हमर बचपन के मगध’ is a collection of several events, memories from my childhood days narrated in a very crude format without any exaggeration.

I am happy that I was able to publish with Notion Press. It’s an amazing self-publishing platform. Get in touch with me in case you wish to know more about this.

You can purchase the paperback copy of the book from Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle edition using below links.


PDF copy of the eBook is Free!!

To grab your copy, click on the link Download free PDF copy

Do leave your feedback about the book or in general on the sites or email me at budgetyatri@gmail.com

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Hello, I am Niraj. I define myself as an amateur photographer, biker and seeker. I like to connect with like-minded friends and share even the tiniest experience raw in nature, ever felt of the place, people or time. I believe life is an endless journey and our actions no matter how small affects this infinite universe in some or other way. So don't stop and keep up your work going.

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