More about me

I like to keep myself low profile. I speak only when I can’t hold my urge to speak on the topic or asked to speak. I am Vegetarian and never drank liquor, beer or any sort of alcoholic drinks earlier it was coz of family and now by choice.

I like to skip corporate or booze parties. Instead, I would spend time pondering, reading, writing or just doing nothing. Being into Tech environment, this has in some way distanced me from peers and seniors.

People have a serious concern for me and make fun of me being a kid 😛

But this only made me more opposing. Nevertheless, I love them for caring about making my life more happening in their terms.

However, this doesn’t mean I am a saint or something like that as people create a perception of me. I have hundreds of other faults. I am sometimes outspoken with my friends. Unknowingly this has hurt them. This made me take up a practice to think several times or rather be quiet before opening my mouth.

I am from a very moderate family and schooled in school meant for the lower middle class. I had all sorts of friends in my younger days. Couple of them become criminals and few are setting examples for the younger generation. I am thankful I didn’t walk the bad road for long.

My high school and engineering passed in a deep financial crunch. During these days I explored writing and wrote essays occasionally on forums. After few trips and treks created this blog budgetyatri on blogger and later developed liking for motorcycles and capturing moments.

Now, these three (motorcycle, touring, blogging) have become an inseparable part of me. I would like to keep the blog live after I leave this body. And I wish that god make me read one of my post in my next life. hehe. I know that’s weird but nothing goes in wishing.

I have a lot of jealousy, greed, lust and all kind of such items. But continuous self-introspection have helped me to be aware of such things starting to appear. Many times I resist and few times fall prey to mind.

I know people judge us too quickly despite being worse than us. Only thing is they know what they are but are too coward to accept and improve.
New friends ask me with what should we identify you whether it’s love for traveling and writing or someone inclined towards spirituality and keep passing gyan or someone whose thoughts and views keep changing.

Below is what I think of myself. 
I live my life on four fronts. Highest preference being to train myself on the path of spirituality then comes working towards nation and society.
Next come budgetyatri and finally professional life. Family responsibilities overlap in all four dimensions.

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