More about me

I like to keep myself low profile. I speak only when I can’t hold my urge to speak on the topic or asked to speak. I am vegetarian and never drank liquor, beer or any sort of alcoholic drinks. I like to skip corporate or booze parties.

Preferably, I would spend time pondering, reading, writing or just doing nothing. Being into Tech environment, this has in some way distances from peers and seniors, those from corporates would understand this 🙂

I am sometimes outspoken with my friends. Unknowingly this has hurt some people. This made me take up a practice to think twice or stay silent unless words are needed. Believe me, this has worked magic.

I am from a moderate family and schooled in lower middle class school. My high school and engineering passed in a financial test. During these days I explored writing and wrote essays occasionally on forums. After a few trips and treks created this blog budgetyatri on blogger and later developed liking for motorcycles and capturing moments.

Now, these three (motorcycle, touring, blogging) has become an inseparable part of me. I would like to keep the blog live after I leave this body. And I wish that god make me read one of my post in my next life.

Like others, often jealousy, greed, lust and all kind of such things work on me. Continuous self-introspection has helped me to be aware of such things starting to appear. Many times I am able to resist and some times don’t. But its all part of a journey of improvement.

I try to live my life on four planes based on the concept of ऋण in Vedic philosophy. And that’s what I wish to keep adhering and living all my life.

I shall be happy to answer your question 🙂