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Indian motorcyclists – a different genre

Bikers from India share a very rare DNA strand separating us from the rest. This makes us very unique. 

India has the highest number of motorcycles on the road and majority uses it as primary transport. With the density of bikes so large and deadly summer months triggering widespread motorcycle violence, its high time we work on our patience a bit. If not done now then the time is not far when chaos and sweaty shirts will make us maintain the calm and carry on with the commuting.

On the other hand, there are some super cool things which places confidence in the Indian biking scenario. We believe that there are only two categories of motorcycle, imported and the rest. We also have our own true biker certification which just cost 4 words ‘leh ladakh gaye ho?’ A negative answer may make you an outcast. 

Also, since we believe in karma and that makes us believe in rebirth, we believe less in spending on safety gears. After all death and birth cost nothing to the person but gears are damn expensive.

Disclaimer: This post is a work of satire of the general crowd and does not aim to touch the ego of expert bikers. The post intends to make bikers across India more thoughtful and responsible. In no way, it undermines our legacy and potential.

Let’s explore further and have a look at some of our deep secrets hidden in the dark caverns.

cc brings respect

A person with a gold plated pen naturally makes him the best selling author. There are some idiots who think that humility, philosophical outlook, curiosity and respect towards others are motorcyclists traits. However, the majority understands that price and cc of the bike is what is important to become a fearless and respectable biker.

Our motorcycling legends are sorted

Bikers in India straws inspiration and knows in and out about of their legends. Some of the popular motorcycling legends in the heart of masses are John Abraham, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Ajay Devgan. 

We can’t hold ourselves talking about the legendary stories of Ajay’s split, Kabir releasing NOS and MS Dhoni’s ground slam tour on CBZ after all numbers 46, 93, 50 are just numbers.

motorcycling in India

As easy as Ajay

We love dual sports 

source: http://indiafunnypictures.blogspot.com/2012/06/funny-scooter.html

We spend on safety gears in proportion to the bike price

A motorcyclist falling from a 150cc bike at 70 kmph is not the same as another falling from a 500cc bike at the same speed. We understand it better and invest in safety gears in proportion to the price of the bike. For instance, a Pulsar 150 owner may have a psychological cap of not spending more than 1000-1500 rs for a helmet. Similarly, a Splendor rider has a pocket depth of around Rs. 600 rupees.

At the other end, a litre class rider will open up his pocket and would not think twice in spending Rs. 25,000 for a helmet even if he takes out his/her bike fortnightly for a modest ride. 

You can see there is a perfect harmony between both the category of bikers. Basically we make sure all sorts of helmet manufacturers earn their bread.

We know the system well

We know all of the two cables running from both the hand levers in and out. Some less critical stuff like engines, cooling system, fuel injection system, electrical is left for the roadside mechanics. 

I mean seriously, you can’t leave your cables in the hand of mechanics. It’s a popular saying that more we sweat in the garage less we pay on the road.

Do share your comment about the post and also write down what makes us different wrt to motorcycling.

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