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Ganpatipule to Malvan – Konkan bike trip – 5

Malvan scenery

Events from Day 1: Thane to Dapoli

Dapoli to Anjanvel Lighthouse

Dabhol to Guhagar Beach

Events from Day 2:

Guhagar to Ganpatipule temple

Ganpatipule to Malvan

Finished from the walk-through in Prachin Konkan, without wasting any time we started towards Malvan as we were already late.

This phase was one of the most scenic in the whole tour.

High mountain roads on one side and vast ocean roaring on the other side. It’s very much like the Pacific highway map we used to play in the NFS.

sagari mahamarg, scenic roads in india

 Scenic road after Ganpatipule – Sagari Mahamarg

coastal sea route, scenic roads

 Scenic road  – Sagari Mahamarg

bike trip to konkan, scenic roads, tree canopy

Hanging canopies. Interior roads had lot of these, I had to duck on bike on some occasion 🙂

road to malvan, scenic roads

 Road to Malvan

scenic roads, sagari mahamarg, konkan ghats

Rock cut roads – Sagari Mahamarg

After Ratnagiri, there isn’t much ghat and mostly the roads are straight on tabletops. But you get to see fantastic stretches of green and yellow fields.

konkan photos, Morning in Konkan

Konkani Pahaat 

konkan photos, konkan bike tour

 Landscape – Malvan

konkan photos, farmers in konkan

 Near Malvan

konkan photos, landscape

 Landscape near Malvan

konkan photos, india village

 Landscape near Malvan

konkan bike tour, malvan

Near Malvan

sunset in malvan, sunset in konkan

 Sunset scene near Malvan

rivers in konkan


Sun was coming down fast and we were 20 kilometres behind Malvan city. Suddenly the whole landscape took a dramatic change. Deep dark clouds started covering the place and winds became fast and powerful.

 We did a mistake of not carrying plastic bags to cover our luggage and had just one umbrella. I was worried about camera and mobiles. Light shower started soon we didn’t stop and covered around 8 kms. But then it started raining heavily. This was the first time we witnessed rains of Konkan. I was surprised at the size of raindrops 😉 we had to take shelter in a chai tapri.

After waiting for half an hour, we resumed when the rain became weak. It was 7:30 PM  when we reached Malvan city.

Accommodation at Malvan

The bitter experience we had in Guhagar we were careful this time. One thing we were sure that this place was much bigger and bustling with tourist and locals that made us preserve some hope.

Malvan city is very old and has mentions in ancient scriptures. A narrow road run across the road with shops glittering on each side of the road and vehicles moving slowly to and fro.

A person suggested us a lodge. We got a decent single unattached room for 300 rupees. Placed our luggage and went out on food hunting.

While walking on the busy street, old kaka sitting inside a shop suggested Bamboo restaurant with his eyes popping out and thumb and first finger making zero, in other words, Ek number.

Bamboo Restaurant

It’s very popular in Malvan. Ask anybody and he will tell you the exact direction. No parking facilities in front of the restaurant. Big roof covered with plastic and supported with Bamboo is the main place where people sit for lunch and dinner.

Enter the place with patience. Waiting time is quite long. The place is a delight for non-vegetarians. However, there are enough options for vegetarians too. Non-vegetarians can try fried fish. The recipe is quite unique. Do not miss the Solkadi.

Came back to our nest discussed tomorrow’s plan and zzZ.

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