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Ganpatipule Temple – Konkan bike trip – 4

places to visit in konkan

Today was the second day of my Konkan bike trip. Yesterday, we started from Mumbai and stopped in Guhagar for night stay. Mumbai to Guhagar was very scenic particularly Dapoli and Dabhol. Today, we were ready to take the adventure to next level. Guhagar to Ganpatipule was going to be riding in the ghats and rural roads.

Guhagar to Ganpatipule coastal road Route

Guhagar to Malvan via ganpatipule sagari mahamarg

Scarred with the horror of yesterday night, we wanted to leave the place as early as possible. Took the ice bucket challenge in the morning and left the room.  Mountains were misty and winds were chilly. Silent hills and curved ghats made the ride more interesting.

Misty mountain morning in konkan
 Ghat roads just after Guhagar

Morning photos konkan bike trip, budgetyatri
 Misty morning
birds in konkan
Morning life
 Shallow and silent river before Tavsal jetty
 Konkan scene which has always been in my mind

Konkan-bike-trip-mumbai-goa, konkan-places-to-visit


konkan bike trip, motorcycle tours india

abstract travel photo konkan

Abstract photo

We were targeting Vengurla for today but didn’t want to compromise with nice spots.

Tavsal jetty


konkan photos, niraj yadav,, konkan bike ride
 Tavsal Jetty


Reached Tavsal jetty and had our hot chai and spicy kanda pohe. Frequency of the Ferry is good here. Ferry takes around 10 minutes end to end. Loaded our bike on the Ferry destined for Ganpatipule jetty.

Niraj yadav at Tavsal jetty bike trip to goa
 On jetty

Ganpatipule jetty or Jaigadh

Sun was up there. People near the jetty were busy with their daily chores. We had to fuel up the tank. The petrol pump was very close to the jetty but they didn’t accept cards and we didn’t had cash. Luckily found an ATM around 500 meters from the pump.

coconut trees in konkan,budgetyatri, konkan bike ride
 Leaves at Ganpatipule jetty
konkan bike ride, niraj yadav candid
 Candid by Vishwanath
morning life in fishing town of ganpatipule konkan
 Morning scene at Ganpatipule jetty
ganpatipule jetty, mumbai to goa bike trip
 Ganpatipule jetty



Ganpatipule Temple

Reached Ganpatipule temple around 2 PM. As it was an extended weekend we were expecting good amount of devotees and tourist near the beach and temple. We weren’t wrong though. Got a parking spot and it was free 🙂  Took darshan and some photos.

ganpatipule temple, OM, ganpatipule photos,temples in india
 OM inside Ganpatipule mandir
ganpatipule temple konkan, temples in india
Towards temple
ganpatipule temple, ganpatipule photos,temples in india
 Ganpatipule Temple
ganpatipule temple, konkan photos

This metal mouse is kept at the entrance of the temple. People close one of the ears with their hand and whisper their wishes in the other. Do try it. You must be thinking what did I whisper. Nothing 🙂

Went to the small restaurant inside the temple. They served some delicious snacks.

Left the temple and started towards Ratnagiri by mistake we took the wrong road. Not far from the temple we spotted a concept tourism from Konkan Tourism Development Board. They had named it Prachin Konkan. A must visit place.

Prachin Konkan Ganpatipule

Prachin Konkan is a concept tourism designed to make the tourist aware of the history of Konkan. It was a treat for people like me who travel to learn. Although it was not in the plan but we decided to take the tour. They charged around 50/person. A lady guide gave us a nice walk-through through the

They charged around 50/person. A lady guide gave us a nice walk-through through the human-made forest. Prachin Konkan gives a glimpse of the old Bharatiya social structure where each Village had groups of people organized in particular jobs.

I found a traditional fish catching instrument used by Kolis very interesting. It was a big basket with one end open. It was designed in such a fashion that the fishes can come inside but cannot escape.

Paakshala was the other thing which caught my eyes and brain. Simple and handy instruments employing a nice amount of scientific principles.

prachin konkan ganpatipule, konkan tourism
Prachin Konkan entrance
prachin konkan ganpatipule, konkan tourism
Life and instrument of Konkani Fisherman
konkani kitchen, paakshala, life in konkan, budgetyatri
 Paakshala or traditional kitchen

Hope you enjoyed my trip to Ganpatipule.

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  1. Gurpreet Singh says

    How many hours did it take to travel from Guhagar to Malvan and were the roads good?

    • Hi Gurpreet,
      Thanks for coming here 🙂
      You will not take more than 8 hours if you ride/drive at 40kmph. We consumed a day from Guhagar to Malvan, this includes lots of photo, lunch and photo breaks.
      Roads are relatively good in this stretch, particularly from Ratnagiri to Malvan. Hope this answer your query.

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