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Planning and beginning – Konkan bike trip – 1

Konkan has always fascinated me with its soul-soothing coconut gardens and pristine beaches. Bike trip to Konkan was certainly something I wished to do.

Sagari Mahamarg

Some 20 days before the trip, as usual, I was going through travel and biking forums when my eyes got stuck on a word  ‘Sagari Mahamarg’. To me, it sounded like a fiction word. It was making me restless.

Next day in office I went through the list of national holidays. Got my leaves approved for the long weekend in October. Initially, the Konkan Darshan was a solo for me but later my friend joined me.

Planning the route:

Luckily this was the most beautiful part of the tour. None of the Jetty made us wait.  Just as we used to do during Engg days, figured out the routes and halting stops in the last week very loosely.

This becomes quite difficult when you struggle between the time you have and locations to explore. I started several times but left the job hanging as things didn’t balance out well.

As the route was through Sagari Mahamarg or the Coastal sea route, I saw multiple creeks lying en route. There were two options, one to bypass the creek and take a longer road around it. Second, check if ferry services are available and their timings.

In total from Dapoli to Goa, there were around 3 creeks. Availability and timing of ferry were my only concern. But I didn’t want to escape them either 🙂

Planned route:

Day 1 has to end at Ganpatipule  [We could reach Guhagar on Day 1] [300 KM]
Day 2 has to end at Vengurla [We could reach Malvan city] [250 KM]
Days 3 has to end at Vagator, Goa after visiting Dudhsagar falls [We were late and could not visit the falls, so stayed at Calangute ] [200 KM]
Day 4 we had planned to reach Thane via Sawantwadi->Kolhapur [Again we were late and managed to reach Pune] [560 KM]

Preparing the bike:

Fixed my expired insurance and PUC
I had lost my visor for the open face helmet.
Struggled getting a visor for it. Finally, a road seller fixed the helmet for Rs.250.
Got the bike serviced.


For me, the week before the tour gets filled up with multiple feelings. First three days of the last week, excitement goes on rising. From the fourth day feeling to avoid the trip starts building up. It takes a good amount of struggle to start the tour. Hope I am not alone but some of you may have surely experienced this !!

Day 1 of Konkan tour

Vishwanath was to reach Bhayandar station at 5:30 AM. We started at the right time. Filled 10-liter Petrol and continued.

After riding the cold winds and dark blue sky at Ghodbunder hills took
Thane -> Mumbra -> Kalamboli -> JNPT Road -> Pen -> Vadhkal Naka -> Kolad -> Mangaon route

Mumbai to Guhagar coastal road
Thane high rise landscape
Near Thane

The day started heating and we could feel the heat after Panvel and it was just around 9 AM.

places to visit near Mumbai
Landscape near Pen

A regular traffic of heavy vehicles was there till Vadhkal Naka.
Naka is small enough to get misled. The straight road goes to Alibag and the left turn takes you on the Bombay-Goa Highway.

Took our first halt at Mangaon for quick breakfast.

From Mangaon, rode another 10 km on the Bombay-Goa highway before taking right for Mandangad.

Mangaon to Mandangad route:

Mangaon -> Lonere -> Goregaon -> Nandvi -> Lokarvan -> Bhingaloli -> Mandangad

bike tour mumbai to goa, budgetyatri
Wild Plants
places to visit in konkan, budgetyatri
River Reflections

The route is scenic with beautiful Savitri river flowing by the road.

Dapoli cricket ground
Dapoli has season Cricket too
places to visit in konkan, bike trip
Mandangad Landscape

There is an Indian Oil petrol pump just before Hingaloli if you are low on fuel.

Continued towards Dapoli via Dattanagar -> Kadivali route.

Starting from Lonere to Dabhol the whole section is Ghat road with plenty of curves. A wonderful road to ride on.


Loved by readers: Nandi Hills: A mountain so close to heaven 


From Dapoli continued towards Dabhol.  This stretch of the road was worst in the whole trip.

Just as we reached Dabhol bandar a ferry was about to leave.

Quickly bought tickets and parked the bike in the ferry.
Ferry tickets were cheap than we had imagined. It was Rs.20/person and Rs.30 for two wheeler.

The ferry takes you to the other side of the Vasistha river on Dabhol jetty.


dapoli to dabho jetty in konkan maharashtra
At Dapoli Jetty
dapoli konkan fishing town, budgetyatri
Dapoli landscape

Dabhol jetty:

Some photos from and near Dabhol jetty


fishing woman dabhol konkan places to see
We have a busy day ahead
must visit places konkan tourism
Dapoli Dabhol creek view
Vishwanath Dalvi konkan
Vishwanath posing
mumbai to goa on bike via coastal highway route
Bajaj Pulsar 150
rural life, konkan houses, houses in konkan
Konkan Houses
dapoli to dabhol jetty service
Ferry at Dabhol Jetty
konkan places to visit photos, budgetyatri
At Dabhol Jetty

Spent some time photographing near jetty and then left for the beautiful Anjanvel lighthouse.

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Hello, I am Niraj. I define myself as an amateur photographer, biker and seeker. I like to connect with like-minded friends and share experiences and stories from the place, people and time. I believe life is an endless journey and our actions no matter how small affects this infinite universe in some way or another. So let's not stop and keep our work going.


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  2. Hi Niraj,

    You have very nicely stated the go through of your journey.

    Myself Prasad a long ride enthusiast. I am planning to make long rides on solo basis(With no one).
    Can you please help me with some tips for a long ride? i.e What to wear,what to carry, How much to carry.
    Lastly also mention what camera model you are using 😉 because i liked your pics too.

    Thanks in advance. Hope you’ll revert soon.

    • Hey Prasad,
      Thanks for your comments, loved it 🙂

      What to carry really depends on how much comfort you need while travelling.
      I prefer to travel light. Here is a basic checklist you can refer for riding in the mountains.

      1.Good thermals are must for bike rides in cold regions. Make sure you have both shirt and pajama. Rupa Thermocot is reliable.
      2.A good riding jacket. Sweatshirts, T-shirts and Jeans. With four layers of clothing, I still shivered twice during the tour. It’s not the snow which makes us shiver. In fact, I didn’t felt much cold amidst snow in Auli. It is the cold wind which can be troublesome while riding.
      3.Take care to carry winter riding gloves. My leather gloves burnt the top part of my two fingers. Regaining full sensation took a week.
      4.Purchase Balaclava suited for winters, you will regret with ordinary ones. Purchase somewhat like what I used in one of the pics Enroute Badrinath. It has two setting threads; one tightens around the head and other one around the nose.
      5.Knee and Elbow guards.
      6.A big torch. One which I use costs Rs.350. It is easily available in Mumbai. The best part is it is very powerful and runs for 12 hours if charged fully. I remember how this helped me during the Rajasthan trip, when the headlight of Impulse stopped working on a dark night.
      7.First aid kit (Paracetamol, Digene, Pudin hara, band aids, small antiseptic bottle, cotton roll, mesh roll used to wrap wounds above cotton, motion control tablets-Lemofen, razor blades, scissor ).
      8.I did pack good amount of snacks but after the tour, I felt you need not carry that much.
      9.Camera and accessories (Charger, tripod). Keep spare memory cards. I almost lost 70 photos when one of the cards stopped working at Auli Ski slope. Luckily it worked later.
      10.Bungee cords, nylon ropes, safety pins, 1.5m x1.5m plastic sheet to cover luggage from the shower, repair toolkit, safety knife, government district or state map printouts (they are the best), Pen and notepad in case you write.
      Rest of the things like routine items, clothes depend on upon how light or heavy you prefer to travel. Just remember to carry multiple socks and inner wears.

      Email me at and we can talk more if you want 🙂

  3. Sayalee Karekar says

    Awesome Pictures Man, I guess Konkan is looking more beautiful in your pictures, Dude which camera?;) And how do u manage to travel so much balancing your work life…?

    • Hey Sayalee, Thanks for your kind words 🙂
      I am so glad you liked the photos! Konkan is really really beautiful, I love that place.

      For the Camera, I have Nikon D5100 with 18-55mm kit lens. I guess this model is discontinued. If you want, you can go for Nikon D5200. It’s a nice camera for intermediates. I also have a Sigma 70-300mm telephoto lens.

      And for balancing the work life, It’s all about savings :D.
      I don’t remember when I took a leave out of laziness. I don’t mind willingly coming on weekends and accumulate compensatory leaves. I plan my short rides on weekends and take at least two long trips in a year, which is manageable with the paid leaves. Email me at if anytime you need help with planning for Konkan. You can also subscribe to the blog and get latest posts in your inbox 😛

  4. Great journey and wonderful write up and documentation of the journey tour…i am also a blog writer, macro photographer and regular traveller…planning to buy bike and begin small tours around mumbai with friends…I like all your blogs and way of presenting ur journey through ur pictures.
    Wanna ask one doubt…i am a very slow and steady 4 wheel driver…never had any issues with my car…same will be with my bike too…but the moment u say bike ride family members are scared of bike tours…so how much safe do you feel when you ride on indian roads,,,,some do’s and dont’s you would like to provide.
    Keep riding…keep clicking …Keep it up…

    • Hello Akash sir,
      Happy to have you here!
      I am so happy to hear those kind words from you 🙂
      It feels awesome to have readers like you on my website.

      Regarding your query,
      Everybody has their own pace. Being slow is not bad and being fast does not mean you are good at riding.
      **A responsible rider is a good rider**
      And you are right when you say family fears for the bike trips. But an important point to note is, majority
      of the accidents are caused due to riders careless riding and habit of leaving their safety gears at home.

      It’s completely fine to be defensive on the road. Believe me, I have to convince my mother everytime I leave
      for the trip.

      I would suggest you to go for a decent bike with good braking system. Spend heartily on getting good quality
      gears (Helmet, Riding Jacket, Gloves atleast). Use short beeps when overtaking, don’t overtake on
      curves unless you have enough space, avoid night riding, make full use of Rear View Mirrors.
      The main point is to enjoy the ride 🙂
      Those who hurry often ignore the beauty!!!

      Hope I satisfy your query. If you want to talk to me more, you can drop me an Email at
      I ll be happy to get back to you. Thanks!

  5. Very well written. Looking forward to get on similar journey as soon as I buy my bike.
    I am fond of discovering places , and travelling without a calendar. Want to share the readers here my journeys.
    Do visit sometime. And keep posting.

    • Arindam,
      Glad you liked the posts. Wish you the best for your bike, hope you get it soon 🙂
      Let me know anytime you are in Mumbai, we can meet and share our stories.
      You got a nice blog. So detailed, informative and beautiful photos!!
      Keep it up friend. Glued to your blog 🙂

  6. Priya Singh says

    Beautiful pictures! I would never imagine having this kind of experience in India. Thank you for sharing your experience!
    I really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. A blog is brilliantly written and provides all the necessary information.

  7. Valerian Crasto says

    Hi Niraj, By your post and pics, looks you had very nice trip. could you please help me to get route details, halt, Fuel, and accommodation. I am planning for Vasai – Savantawadi – Kolhapur – Pune – Vasai during Diwali. your tips will be helpful for me.

  8. Hi Valerian,
    Thanks for stopping by. For your trip I would suggest to take halt and stay at Shrivardhan/Harihareshwar → Ratnagiri → Vengurla → Sawantwadi → Pune → Vasai.

    I would also suggest to add 2 more stops if you have some time at your hand at Guhagar and Kunkeshwar. As far as I am aware, there are options for accommodation at all the places I mentioned.

    Finding fuel wont be a problem as there are petrol pumps throughout the route. However I would suggest to fill up your tank whenever you can (at least once a day).
    Happy to help with followup questions.

    Wish you the best for your trip 🙂

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