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Letter to a friend: I know you can do it!

motivational letter to a friend

To the dearest friend,

Time flies by and we shall remain friends forever. Life will have many turns and we shall meet at every turn. I want and wish, that when our face gets overlayed with wrinkles and probably no teeth left, when our hair turns grey and our hands shake, that we shall pass the same warm smile the day we do today. Whether side by side or miles apart we be friends always close at heart.

I define life as a struggle. A struggle which someday will make you stand in front of yourself. When you will be out of hope and find no light. When you will feel why me and why life is so unfair? When you will be plagued with the feeling that nobody, nobody cares for me.

Stop there! Pause for a moment.

Think of the best thing you loved, think of the happiest moment you had. Widen your lips a bit and pass a smile to yourself. You deserve it. You have improved, isn’t it?

You will have to believe that life is like the waves of the ocean. Moments will keep coming. You will have to believe that no matter how bad, this Time will pass! And you will have the courage to brave the world and find a new expression for your soul. You have to let it go. The clinching won’t help. The moon overtakes the sun every day but doesn’t the sun comes back? Doesn’t the birds’ chirp again? Doesn’t the Lilly blossom?

The storm will surely pass by, the dark clouds will scatter and the rays of new hope will glitter. It will certainly happen because this is how Life is! Remember the happy and cheerful morning awaits you. All the people who loved you awaits you. Somebody in some corner of the world misses you hard!

So get up stand up and give the destiny its run to save his face. Show the world that no matter how much you are pressed, you will bounce back with all the might you have. There is always a second chance. Fade the past, nobody can change it, the future lies ahead!

Believe in God and yourself. And you will find the courage.

I know you can do it.

A friend 🙂

Hope you liked it. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment box below or email me (budgetyatri.com), it means a lot to me.

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Hello, I am Niraj. I define myself as an amateur photographer, biker and seeker. I like to connect with like-minded friends and share experiences and stories from the place, people and time. I believe life is an endless journey and our actions no matter how small affects this infinite universe in some way or another. So let's not stop and keep our work going.


  1. Neha Pandey says

    Feeling motivated.. good thoughts.. Liked your post alot..

  2. To that time,to that friend,to your words,you have beautifully understood the situations and have set the remarkable motivational quote,keep writing (expressing)

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