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Leather accessories for leather loving motorcyclists

Leather lovers have a different fan base. Car owners carry and flaunt them as their interiors. Motorcyclists have little more opportunity than Car owners to show their love for the leather. They have a range of accessories to choose from and examples of some of them being textured brown seats, riding jackets, gloves and saddlebags.

Sharing some leather items which can also be perfect gifts for riders.

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1. Fuel can, bottle holder

Leather fuel can holder

Leather fuel can holder. Source:

2. Rucksack

Leather rucksack for motorcyclists

Great textured leather rucksack. Perfect to carry day packs. Source:

3. Glass pouch

Leather glass pouch and keychain motorcyles

I particularly like this set. A green textured glass pouch, leather key chain and bright yellow glove 🙂 Source

4. Tool kit pouch

Motorcycle leather toolkit

Motorcycle leather toolkit. A good motorcyclist is always ready to learn the inside out of his machine 😀 Source:

5. Laptop case

Leather laptop case for motocyclists

I like the overall design of it and pouches provided to hold notepad and mouse. Source:

6. Cable case

Leather earphone and charging cable pouch motorcycle

Neatly organised. Source:

7. Mobile pouch

Leather mobile pouch

Mobile pouch like this can come quite handy for long distance riding. What do you say? Source:

8. Tank pad

Leather motorcycle tank bag

Shiny leather fitted perfectly to adjust to the side fuel lid. Source:

9. Another leather tank pad

10. Leader saddle strap

Leather bike tank strap

Tank strap. Minimal but looks great. Source:

11. Vertical saddle pack

Vertical leather saddle bag for motorcycles

This vertical saddle pack looks quite rustic and looks like it can be easily attached to the seat. Doesn’t the side pocket looks cool? Source:

I come for a community where the source of leather are segregated as hinsak and ahinsak. Hinsak (violent) means the leather is obtained by proactively killing the animal for the want of it. Ahinsak (non-violent) means the leather is obtained from an animal died on their natural causes. I believe and promote the later one 🙂

I apologise in advance if items listed are obtained by ahinsak means.


Which one of these impressed you?

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