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Gadisar lake still stands beautiful in dryness of Jaisalmer

Gadisar lake Jaisalmer

From Jodhpur we arrived in the golden city of Thar. Satyajit Ray beautifully named this city as Sonar Killa. Our next desperate stop was Gadisar lake in Jaisalmer also known as Gadsisar lake.

Jodhpur to Jaisalmer by train

The train journey from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer was good although electricity supply was not available throughout the journey. Later we came to know that Staff forgot to link the electric wire of the coach.

Nonetheless, we were saved as the whole of the journey was in the night and it was cool enough. Had it been Summer, we would have been roasted.

We had planned the train journey from Mumbai to Jaisalmer in such a way that we could witness the Sunrise at Gadisar Lake in Jaisalmer.

Reached Jaisalmer railway station around 6 AM, actual arrival timing of train 14810 at Jaisalmer is at 5:25 AM.

As planned, took an autorickshaw from Jaisalmer railway station to Gadisar Lake.The distance is not more than 1.5 Km. Auto rickshaw charged Rs 10 for each of us.

Jaisalmer Railway Station

Jaisalmer railway station

What a pleasant morning it was at the Lake

Rickshaw dropped us on the main road; we had to walk around 100 meters on the paved interlocked road to reach the Lake.

A big golden gateway stood at the entrance of Gadisar Lake. We were at the place quite early, Lake and surrounding area were empty except some elderlies.

This year (2014) it did not rain much hence the water level was lower as compared to what we saw in photos of the previous year. Still, the place has a different charm.

I would request you not to listen to the reviews on holiday destinations websites. I do not like the manner in which they speak bluntly to skip the Gadisar Lake.

For them, sightseeing in Jaisalmer is a list of some 4-5 places and a desert Safari. Which I feel is good for family vacations and for travelers 🙂

If you are among those who like to connect with every place they visit, I would strongly suggest you to spend some time sitting by the Lake.


Gadisar lake Jaisalmer

Boats parked in Gadisar lake

Handicraft bags at Gadisar lake jaisalmer

Handicraft shop near Gadisar lake


Entrance of Gadisar Lake

Entrance of the lake

Gadisar Lake morning

Boats and chhatris in the lake

Morning Gadisar lake

Morning in Gadisar Lake: Loneliness and Being Alone are two different things

Gadisar lake photo

Gadisar in morning

Sadhu with Transistor in Rajasthan

Sadhu with his Transistor set and morning chai in Gadisar

History of the Gadisar Lake

Colloquially the Lake is called Gadisar; its literal name is Gadsi-sar Lake. Lots of people believe that the Lake is an Oasis which is not true.

As the name speaks, this Lake was constructed by Rawal Gadsi Singh around 1367 AD. Gadisar Lake is rainwater fed and many temples are built along the banks of Lake.

What can you do at the lake?

1. Sit on the long golden stairs or in the temples and lose yourself.

Old architectures in Rajasthan

Old Architectures on the banks of Gadisar Lake  

2. Boating is allowed in the Lake after 9 AM.

3. Feed kurmura (Rice flakes) available in the nearby shops to the brown fishes of the Gadisar Lake.

Hungry fishes in Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Hungry fishes of Gadisar Lake 

4. Try your photography skills to cover the lake and beautiful surrounding

5. Ponder!

If you love architecture, you can try to find out why the Lake was dug here?

What about the catchment area?

How does the sandy soil hold the water?

What is the use of building stoop i.e. small architecture with stairs inside the Lake?

Which god/goddesses are carved on the inner roof of the stoops?

I did all 5

Tip:  If you are in Jaisalmer make sure to visit Gadisar Lake during sunrise and go to Vyas Chhatri during sunset. Vyas Chhatri is around 3 km from Gadisar Lake.

After 2.5 hours our stomach was starving but the soul was satisfied. Packed up our stuff and left Gadisar Lake. Do taste the Chhaas sold by an uncle just after the entrance gate on the left hand side.

Rented a Hero Impulse motorcycle from Gopa Chowk in Jaisalmer town

Took rickshaw from Gadisar Lake to Gopa Chowk. Distance is not more than 1.5 Km. We had to go to Joshi German Bakery in Gopa Chowk to rent our bikes.

Apart from bike rentals, they have an excellent small restaurant in a small room on the first floor.

Before asking for the bikes, we went straight on the first floor. Ordered two cups of hot Coffee, 2 Aloo Paratha and 2 Bread Butter.

After half an hour ordered two glass of Lassi for me and Omelet pav for Vishwanath. Every single item was delicious and easy on our pockets. We made sure to have our snacks here every time we return to Jaisalmer.

You can also use their free Wi-Fi internet service and get your mobile camera charged here.

Jaisalmer Fort through Cafe windows

Jaisalmer fort from Joshi German bakery

Jaisalmer Fort as visible from the window of Joshi German Bakery. With Coffee Cup in my hand, I use to keep watching out of the window. One of the things I cherish from my Jaisalmer travel!

joshi german bakery gopa chowk jaisalmer

German Bakery Inside Joshi ji’s German Bakery

Joshi German bakery is quite popular among the foreigners there. But bakery items are only available from the month of October to March.

After breakfast came down to negotiate for the bike. I was planning for some version of Bajaj Pulsar. But he didn’t had any. Settled for Hero Impulse.

It seemed in good condition and riding the chunky tires in the desert would be amazing. Negotiated the deal for Rs.1100 for 3 days without any deposit.

All you need to know about renting a bike in Jaisalmer

There are around 3-4 bike rentals near Gopa Chowk close to each other.

Shiva has a broad range to offer but may charge more -> Shiva Bike Rentals | Rent a bike in Jaisalmer.

Joshi German Bakery had around 5-6 bikes in good condition and comparatively cheaper. +(91)-9929804517 +(91)-2992-254041.

Shiva may ask you for some deposit, but Joshi bikes didn’t ask us. I just submitted my original PAN card to him and took it while handing over the bike.

Ask for Helmet, they should provide you for free. Although no cop will bother you, still ask them for a photocopy of RC card.

Also, do not forget to take the number of the owner!!Hope you liked the post and photos. Read the rest of the posts from this trip

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