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Diary from Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Tanot, Longewala and Jaipur travel – Part 3

Continuing from Part 2 from Jaisalmer.

Following morning we were at Jaipur station.

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Jaipur in a day:

We were late by complete 2 and half hours and reached at 7:30 AM at Jaipur station. According to the plan we were to search and place our stuffs in Dharamshala and roam around the city.
Is se sasta aur achha aur kahan !!
However, just as we came out of station an auto driver reached us and asked ‘kidhar jaaoge?’ 
 We said ‘kisi saste aur ache Dharamshala me lekar chalo?. Dharamshala me kya karoge ji, aap ko 500 me acha hotel aur 700 me Indica karwa deta hoon. Ek din me pura city ghuma dega?
  It was a jackpot for us. Our negotiation skills worked and we finaled the deal with Rs 300 for hotel room and Rs.500 for Indica car with driver. He was trapped 😉
Checked in the hotel.  Ran the tap water here was water.  We became emotional when we remembered the yellow water and breakfast in Jaisalmer and near border. 
Driver’s attitude:
  Just as we came out of the hotel a dusky and slim old man in ganji and pyjama was standing near a white Indica car. He posed upright with his white Rajputi moustache. 
We doubted his ability to cover the city as we had imagined.
  But man, he was macho. Almost flew the car with perfect attitude of a rough driver. He took us around the new city explaining places and honking badly. A normal driver horns sometime but this man removed his finger from horn sometimes. However, we decided to not to bother him. We were rather scared of him.
Hawa Mahal:
  Coming out from new city our Indica entered the pink city. Every single shop and building was pink in color. It looked nice. But the reason behind it depressed me. Masterji stopped before entrance of Hawa Mahal.
We purchased composite ticket of Rs.200 per person. It’s valid for almost all the places you can visit there.
What to see or feel.
Amazing colors of walls and windows. Free flowing winds in deep and dark galleries.
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  It was not in the list, but was in the list of Masterji.  At the gate he instructed ‘yahan se kuch mat kharidna, bahot mahnga bechte hain’. We went inside. We purchased Jaipuri  Rajai for Rs.1050 and purchased a kurta for Rs.600. We were feeling embarrassed as to how will we show the purchases to Masterji.
We said ‘Humne kuch kharida’. He prompted ‘Tumne Rs1050 ki aur tumne Rs.600 ki’. There’s a solid channel operating there.
Vishwanath said ‘Wow!!  I said ‘HOW? Masterji went on explaining things out there. He said I have LED TV, Refrigerator, Cooler and many other things all given by RTDC. 
Jantar Mantar:
Next he dropped us at Jantar Mantar.
For techies it’s an excellent place to know the astronomical capability we had. But make sure you take guide or silently follow one like us  😉
 There are some amazing instruments all made by Jai Singh. He was a learned scholar.

Amer fort:
  After Jantar Mantar we went out from the city. Some 20km away from city on the green hills of Aravalli lies the Amer fort.
I was fascinated to visit this place as I had heard a lot since my childhood.
What to see or feel:
It’s a huge fort cum palace. Fort is covered with wall round the mountain. Locals call it mini Great wall of China. 
To reach the top you have two options. One you can hire an elephant for Rs.900 which will take you to the gate. This is an old route which was used by kings and his guests. Other one is you go up by some vehicle. 
Local guides are available for Rs.100. But they don’t explain you many things and are not allowed inside the main fort. Although it looked lucrative but we resisted, went inside the fort and hired an official government authorized guide for Rs.200
Our guide Sunil Saini was quite knowledgeable. He went on explaining the strategic points, the history and other stuffs. We were satisfied because he could solve most of ours question. 
We enquired standing near the parade ground and Darbar-e-aam which has been used in many movie shootings since the fort was built by Rajput rulers which were Hindu, we could see good amount of Muslim architecture here? He answered its result of Mughal connection. It was built during Akbar and after defeat from Akbar. Jodhabai was surrendered to Akbar. As they built relationships with Mughals they included their architecture as well.
Next we asked Why the city was painted pink? Sunil said the city was originally white in color. To welcome British king the ruler here painted the complete city in pink (that’s bad)
Next Sunil showed us escape routes and the 9 alleys in the corridor which led to queen palace. You have to select the correct one to reach her.
It took 2 hours to see the fort. We came out and we were hungry. Asked Masterji to drop us at good Rajasthani hotel. 

But before dropping us at hotel he dropped us at Jal Mahal was in route. It’s splendid. Tried our hands at camera. I was missing filters for lens as we could not manage slow shutter due to bright sun.

Jal Mahal

Loved the flying position

Reflections at Jal Mahal
Next he took us to Radha Govind hotel. They charged Rs.180 per plate for a nice Rajasthani food.
Rajasthani Thali
Marne ke baad bhi loot te hain:
 Left restaurant and were heading to city museum. Enroute we saw some architecture and asked Masterji what’s this? He said ‘Saale ye raaje jeete ji bhi paise vasoolte the aur marne ke baad bhi vasoolte hain. Rajaon ki Samadhi sthal hai  We said ‘aago badho :)’
 Next we visited Albert museum. It has a nice showcase of industrial art of Rajasthan and all sorts of musical instruments they had. 

Your junk is my life

Let me jump 🙂
With this ended our Jaipur tour and were back to hotel.
The last thing left was checking out and back to home !

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