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Tools guide for self-servicing your cycle

If you are here I am guessing good that you love taking care of your bicycle. Maintaining and repairing the cycles asks for some basic knowledge and a good set of tools.

When I started looking for tools to work on my cycle, the wide options of cycle tool kits available on the internet confused me and made it more difficult for me to save time, money and enjoy a sense of satisfaction.

Bicycle repair tools

A recent cleanup of my bicycle. This is inside my home 😛

Bicycle gear cleaning

My cycle gear was really in a bad shape. Sharing before and after pic of it.

Below list is a compilation from my experiments with the tools, and I am publishing it with a view that it would save time and effort of a friend out there 🙂

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

1. Multi tool kit

Pocket all in one cycle repair tool kit. This one is very handy and has enough options to cater 80-90% of the parts. The tool has a good set of Allen keys, 3 socket sets and a star screwdriver.

I would suggest going for this as you can carry on your rides too. I bought it for around Rs. 300.

Another toolkit from a known brand – Btwin 900 Compact Bike Multitool – around Rs.2000

It does not have 3 socket set unlike the above one but has a chain link remover.

Another one, a robust quality toolkit – Crankbrothers 19 function Bike Multi tool – around Rs.5800

2. Chain clean, degrease

Bicycle chain cleaner degreaser. I like clean chains, without dirt and grease as far as possible.

I use WD-40 sometimes and sometimes this one. However, if you can manage to fetch diesel, it is the cheapest and most effective of all.

3. Rust cleaning and rust prevention

WD-40 from Pidilite is well known and quite effective in removing and preventing rust. It works by displacing the water/moisture from the metal parts living to its name of Water Displacer 🙂Bicycle chain rust cleaner and rust prevention

Amazon link https://amzn.to/2KkhfwT

4. Gloves

Milton spot zero eco gloves. Best one I tried so far.

It is durable, won’t give away easily even when working with pointed steel parts easily, has a good grip. It didn’t let any grease, oil, water seep on my hand. On top of this, I didn’t felt my hand sweat throughout the service, which happened with other latex gloves.

Don’t go for cheap latex doctor gloves, they turn out to be a waste of money and ineffective for this job.

Where to buy? I got them from Dmart for no more than Rs. 60. Sharing Amazon link in case you do not find them at Dmart.

5. Rust scrubber

Dealing with rust or stuck dirt gets challenging. I would suggest to try out sandpaper being the cheapest option. It would not cost more than Rs. 20.

I have found that metal brushes are very effective and easy to work with. This set of the brush has brass, steel and nylon bristles, good enough to work with deep rust. I would recommend to try this out.

6. Ring spanner

14-15mm ring spanner is required to work on axels and pulling out tyres. In case your cycle requires 16-17mm you can purchase one but I feel the chances are less.

Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2UIOzPT

7. Plier

Plier is required to work with brake and gear cables. You may need to tighten, loosen or replace the brake and gear cables, pliers are required for such situations.


8. Shining the metal and painted parts

Moto max polish works wonder on metal and painted parts.

The application procedure is quite simple: Spread the polish on metal and painted parts, leave it for 10 minutes and then use the buffing pad to buff throughout. Enjoy the lasting shine.

I am using this for shining my bicycle and motorcycle too for last 3 years 🙂

Caution: Do not apply it on plastic parts.

This one is really a nice value pack. I would recommend going for this if you are specifically looking for your bicycle. Quantity of the polish is fairly sufficient for atleast 3,4 applications.

9. [Optional] All in one tool kit

A comprehensive toolkit recommended for a pure Greasemonkey. I have a similar 1/4 socket wrench set of ‘Force’. Even if you have this one, ring spanner mentioned above is recommended.

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