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Lakeside camping near Malshej Ghat, Khireshwadi

Barvi dam, a place very close to the city still preserves and presents a rural touch. I along with my 3 other buddies planned a bike trip and camping to Barvi Dam.

It was decided to camp on any open ground we could find around the dam. But the plan bounced by 80 km and landed near Khireshwar wadi.

My place to Barvi dam is not more than 80km. I was skeptical whether this much distance is sufficient to get ahead of the expanding urban environment.

I wanted to lose focus. Lose focus from traffic, concrete, light and noise pollution.

After all, this is what we all run from. We run to seek rural serenity and peaceful surrounding!

We started early still escaping Mumbai’s traffic is always a pain. It took us more than 3 hours and one puncture to reach Barvi Dam. But the last 15 km was refreshing.

When we reached there we couldn’t find a suitable and secluded place to camp. We thought let’s have a look ahead and continue riding towards Murbad.

If you wish to visit and Camp near Barvi Dam

Roads are in excellent condition. We rode till the point Dam was out of sight. Surrounding is quite scenic and peaceful.

Dam spreads on the right side of the road and is loosely bordered by a small boundary wall. There’s a lot of dry space to pitch tents inside. Do not pitch too close to water.

Make sure you have enough provision of drinking water. You can use dam water for drinking too, few locals do the same.

We took a break to decide that shall we camp near Barvi Dam or not. Nobody seemed affirmative. And there were two reasons for this

  1. We just didn’t have enough feeling of motorcycling. We were desperate for more of fresh air and distance.
  2. Shortage of necessities for Urban Campers. People except that raw camping is easy but this is not true. Few things like availability of water, lights, help in case of emergency is what in my opinion is needed. Rest depends on person to person.

So we just rode ahead towards Murbad following the Murbad road on SH 80. Road throughout is mind-blowing. I was there in peak summer still the beauty was enchanting. I am sure it would be heaven during monsoon.

Enjoy a short video of the route.

Murbad to Malshej Ghat

On nearing Murbad we joined the Kalyan Alephata road. Our plan was to ride till Khubi phata and take left towards Khireshwar wadi. Camp close to the village and return the next day.

Again the road was excellent throughout. Every Mumbai Pune biker must ride and experience this road.

Here is a compilation of the route.

Bajaj Dominar 400 Malshej Ghat bike trip

Friends together 🙂

Benelli T25 bike trip, Malshej Ghat photos

Taking break just before the Ghat ascend starts

Bajaj Dominar pic, Dominar bike trip

You’ll be stared 🙂

Camping in Khireshwar wadi

Khireshwar wadi is the base village of Harishchandragad trek. I was here for the fourth time. I love this small and beautiful village nestled in the foothills of Harishchandragad.

The place was breathtaking. Rising range of Sahyadri on the back, clear and starry night on top of us, soft bed of grass below and a gentle breeze all around. A perfect location we were looking for today.

Khireshwar wadi, Bike trip to Malshej Ghat

Tourers at Khireshwar wadi, Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat scenery, Camping in Maharashtra

Setting up Tent and other stuffs amidst mountain, clouds and greenery

Harishchandra gadh trip, Bike trip Maharashtra photos

Pulled our bikes next to Tent. Why should us have all the fun 😛

Sunset photo Maharashtra, camping near Malshej ghat

Enchanting view of Sahyadri and Sunset from our Tent 🙂

For water and utensils, we approached a village kaka. He was very kind to lend us all that we needed. We asked him to prepare our breakfast for tomorrow as well.

For today’s dinner, we made a makeshift chulha and gathered fallen twigs and leaves from nearby. Lit them up and cooked instant noodles.

It was a full moon night. Sitting in the silvery moonlight which lighted the entire canvas around us we played Ludo 😛

Morning walk into the Jungle

Started the day with lungs embracing mountain air. Took a stick and went inside the jungle chewing mango twig to clean the teeth. I cherish taking such walks. Strolling around slowly, having a sudden random look at any wildflower or fruits, swashing the stick in the air to make swusshhh sounds is what I do during such walks.

Khireshwar wadi village, Harishchandra gadh

Khireshwar wadi village

Tree house Maharashtra, Malshej Ghat farming

Makeshift tree house in the village

wild berries India, Maharashtra wild plants

Berries/Cherries I am not sure. If you know what this is, please write it in the comment.

River stream in Malshej Ghat Harishchandra gadh

A river stream in the jungle gone dry during summer

Portrait small kid India

Cute granddaughter of Kaka who helped us. She was so happy to have his photo. She ran inside like anything and returned in 2 minutes in a new dress and with beautiful smile on her face 🙂

After a light nashta of poha and chai all we had to do was riding back home.

Let me know your thoughts about this post.

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