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Beautiful Chena village, a shooting location in Ghodbunder

I live in Bhayandar near the hills of Ghodbunder. I know both the names sound weird. Bhayandar, a western suburb lies on the southern bank of Ulhas river or rather Vasai creek.

Starting from Bhayandar if we keep on going upstream on the river Ghodbunder falls next. Geographically this region is in continuity with the Borivali National park and spans  18km straight from Powai in the South to Ghodbunder in the North.

chena village map

Chena village on the northern edge of National Park

This region has kept hidden many picturesque lakes and streams which are often overlooked by the local populace that includes me as well 😛

Yes, its a fact that we often tend to ramble far and wide in search of beauty and happiness.

But at times we just miss the wonderful and tranquil nature which lies very next to us right in our backyard.

As a matter of luck, I had to visit Chena village to attend a spiritual event. Chena village is just around the corner of Chena bridge on the Mumbai Nashik highway.

Chena river, rural India, Beautiful scenery, rivers of India, River side

Picturesque view of the Chena River

The small village has a beautiful river flowing by its southwestern boundary. I have a liking for river and this is the reason to start the Anaadi River Project. So far I have motorcycled across two rivers of India Vashisthi river in Konkan and Kosi river in Bihar.

Coming to Chena river, the water was pretty clear. In March flow of the river was sluggish. Probably the water may go dry during late April or May.

Chena village Thane, places to visit near thane

Tall trees in Chena village

Chena village, Rural India, colored houses India

Colored houses in Chena Village

The place in and around the Chena village has been used to shoot numerous serials and movies. When I was there shooting for Chandrasekhar Azad was going on.

peaceful river in India, Chena river, place with good landscape near Mumbai

Landscape view of the Chena River

There is this tree bridge which has been used in many Television serials, mostly to shoot scene requiring a haunted-looking bridge.

chena river bridge, shooting locations near Thane Mumbai

River bridge which is frequently used to shoot haunted scenes in TV serials

Riverside was very peaceful and serene. The blue color of the sky reflected by the river water made the whole scene dramatic. I sat by the riverside for more than 2 hours just watching the gentle breeze and tiny ripples of water.

Chena river, rural India, Beautiful scenery, River side

Blue sky and Chena riverside.

I had a beautiful time there and would love to visit this place in the monsoon to witness the rise in river water. Probably the beauty of the village would be doubled due to greenery and rise in the level of river water.

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