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10 moto view close to my heart

Bike trip to Narkanda Shimla

This snap is from Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh. I was on a bike trip to roam across the plains of North India during winters. I ended up visiting Himachal Pradesh, Amritsar, Attari border, Kurukshetra, Agra, Mathura and Delhi. It was one of an amazing trip.

Bike trip to Bhimashankar

Without any planning, I left for Bhimashankar during heavy monsoon. It was a perfect unplanned solo bike trip. Though finding accommodation was slightly difficult but views and vistas of the remote region was a mesmerising experience. I took this pic when I took a shortcut on my way back. The desolate road offers a beautiful view throughout.

Matheran bike trip photo

Matheran was my first trip and from where I started loving travelling. On my first visit, I was with friends and made use of public transport. Getting to the place on my bike and solo made me greatly nostalgic.

Malshej ghat bike photo, Malshej ghat in summer

I have written several times and in many places about the beauty of the road of Malshej Ghat. I have ridden to Malshej many times and in all seasons. Usually, people flock this place during monsoon to see the view and enjoy roadside waterfalls. This pic is from a peak summer and you can see the beauty of this road even during burning temperatures.

Yamuna expressway on bike

This snap is again from the North India tour. Riding on the Yamuna Expressway is one hell of an experience. Thoroughly loved it. Follow the link to read the full blog.

kosi mahasetu

This pic is from the northernmost region of Bihar bordering Nepal. I rented out a Bajaj Avenger from Patna and toured 10+ districts of Bihar riding along the Kosi river. Bihar is certainly a place to be in during winters. Sometimes winters tend to get harsh but I love it anyway. From Patna to Bhimnagar i.e. Nepal border, the road just amazing. It was 4 laned with divider and buttery smooth. The only thing which slowed down my speed was dense fog and biting chilly winds. I would certainly go through this route again sometime soon and ride till Biratnagar in Nepal which I couldn’t go this time.

Bike trips to do in Maharashtra in monsoon

Monsoon is one amazing season to do bike rides in Maharashtra. Dark clouds, breezy weather and green land are what you will get here in this season. It’s just that when it rains it rains hard 😛 This photo is from an offbeat road which connects the town of Mangaon on the Bombay Goa highway to Raigad fort.

Himachal Pradesh bike trip

This pic is taken en route Narkanda. I particularly love the opposite colours orange and blue merging in the centre. The texture of the mountainside was more beautiful in real. Himachal is certainly a place to be on bike 🙂

Badrinath on bike

Every time I see this pic I get a nostalgic kick. This was my first visit to the Himalayas of Uttarakhand. I was there to see the places which I had read in many books and fascinated me right from my childhood. Many times it happens that we fall short of words to explain what we felt, that 7 days was one such feeling 🙂

Bordi beach bike trip

This place is Bordi beach in the northern coastal region of Maharashtra. This place is not more than 130km from my house. but holds a special memory in my heart. I was here for my Karate camp when I was like 12 years. Each and every memory was afresh with me and I wished to return to see those place again. Eventually, I got a chance to be there after 16 years. A spur of old moments made the place lively and lovely for me 🙂

Comment which one did you liked and if you have any such moto view special and close to your heart  🙂

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